Why men do not want to marry?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 19, 2011
Why men do not want to marry?

Why men do not want to marry? I think, for the same reason, why women. Not time, busy work, no money, I do not want to change the usual structure of life and many more different reasons. But, let's in more detail.

  1. Men are very afraid of responsibility. That is, not the responsibility itself, but the fact that they can not cope. When you meet, he can leave at any time, and if he gets married, it is not so easy to do. He is obliged to protect, care, maintain, in the end. I must say that it is very good if a man realizes all this. In this case, let him fear this responsibility. Someday he will take this step. And this will happen, the code he will be confident in their capabilities.
  2. In a relationship with you, sex is enough. In this case, I can say that you are simply not his woman, and he is not your man.
  3. They are so good and do not want to change anything. You have been living together for a long time, so why change anything? Spending extra money on the wedding, fussing in her preparation.Yes, and that will give this stamp in the passport. So argue many men living in a civil marriage. I will add that in such a situation, many women simply get tired of proving something and continue to live as they did.
  4. They really value their freedom and are afraid of losing it. Men under 30 are inclined to this theory. They are carried away by different women, they are left to themselves. But over the years, comes the realization that the family is more important than a string of friends and girlfriends. Yes, and sex is not as important as the relationship. There are, of course, instances that, even at forty and fifty, still value their freedom, but that is another story.
  5. An experience. Men who were once married would take another step with great care. The experience of past mistakes puts pressure on them, especially if his ex-wife did not meet his expectations, deceived, or betrayed him. Often, such a man needs years to start all over again and stop dubing all women with the same brush. On such a man should not push and insist on a quick wedding. If he married once, he marries the second, he just needs time. Accept this circumstance and your dream will most likely come true.
  6. Youth.Today, you rarely find marriages with men 20-23 years old. Men at this age are ambitious, they have a lot of plans. They dream of wealth, travel, a successful career and many women. Well. Just had not yet come his time to marry.
  7. The propensity of men to immaturity. Such men, as a rule, are attached to the mother, they are not ready to decide something for another person, like fire, they are afraid of responsibility, they are not independent, selfish. Such a husband, girls, we definitely do not need!

As you can see, everything has its own explanation. Try to figure out which man is next to you. And do not waste time on those who are just spending it with you. At the same time, look at yourself from the outside, maybe you do not create the impression of your future wife and mistress of the house, this is important!