Why dream ass?

Anna Mikhailova
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Why dream ass?

Seeing the image of priests in a dream, not everyone is taken to interpret it. However, such a strange dream can mark important changes in life.

Therefore, you should use the dream books, which will help to understand why the priest dreams.

Dream Miller

If you dream of priests of strangers, then in real life you will meet your soul mate. Most likely, this will happen at work. You will begin a stormy romance that will grow into a serious relationship. It is possible that in 1-2 years you will have your first child.

If in a dream you saw your ass, then you will commit a rash act in real life. About him you will be very sorry. If in a dream you were given an injection in the ass, then you will be able to avoid chronic diseases.

Autumn dream

If in a dream you saw an ass with a big tattoo, then in real life you will meet with important people. Negotiations with them will be held in a positive manner. As a result, you can improve your well-being. If the priest was smeared with something, then wait for the bad news.

Modern dream book

If you saw your ass in a dream, then in real life you will find a shameful situation at work. It is possible that we will have to quit, and it will not be possible to quickly find a new job. If you dream of someone else's ass, in which there were wounds, it means that you feel emotional discomfort. To overcome it, you should devote more time to spiritual values.