Why do I need a computer?

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Why do I need a computer?

The life of a modern person cannot be imagined without a computer. Many, especially the younger generation, are surprised at how people used to do without these smart machines. But why do you need a computer? Is it necessary as it seems? An answer to these questions will help us review the areas of human activity in which computers are involved.

How can I use a computer

Entertainment and recreation

Computers today have a ton of features. They are multimedia centers that are able to provide entertainment for all tastes. Computer owners are available:

  • Watching films;
  • Listening to music;
  • Games;
  • Drawing programs, etc.

the Internet

The main highlight in working with a computer is the presence of the Internet. High-speed connection allows you to use all the above functions not only from disks and external media, but also online. Users have access to a rich collection of music, games, film collections.


The presence of the Internet opens up another opportunity for people - communication. There are special programs that allow people to keep in touch by correspondence, voice and video communication. Computers have greatly simplified this task at a distance.


Fans of shopping computer provides a chance to make purchases without leaving home. Just go to the website of any online store and in a few clicks to order your favorite thing, which will be delivered to the doorstep of your home by mail or delivery service.

Data storage

The computer is also indispensable in terms of saving information. Its electronic brain can store hundreds of gigabytes of data. Each user's computer contains personal data, photos, videos, documents, games and much more in folders and files. At any time, the user can extract information and use it at their discretion.


Today, computers are actively involved in the treatment of man. With their help, experts diagnose, carry out some medical procedures. Here are just a few examples of the use of computers in medicine:

  • Ultrasonic scanner with computer processing;
  • The device in the intensive care unit (monitors the status of patients, the parameters of their state of health);
  • Computer tomographs;
  • Computers with a database of patients, etc.


In the field of education computers are especially popular. Today, they replace many textbooks, provide the ability to quickly access information, allow you to master various programs. With them, the learning process has become much easier and more interesting. Currently, almost every school has modern computer labs, and students have a computer, laptop or tablet.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are actively using computer technology. Using a computer, they make a photofit image of a criminal, conduct a comparative analysis of evidence, etc. The presence of extensive databases helps police officers to quickly obtain information that increases the efficiency of their work.

Also, computers are available at every security point in enterprises, shops, schools, hospitals and other institutions. The data from the surveillance cameras arrive at the computer, and the guard can keep order throughout the territory under his jurisdiction.


The computer is in great demand in such art forms as cinema, painting, music, etc. It helps to write books, write songs, draw pictures, create special effects in films. People of different creative professions, for example, designers, illustrators, cinematographers with the help of computers create multi-color drawings, graphic cards, schemes or projects and much more, that is, they use all the possibilities of this technology for creativity.


Modern production is almost 100% automated. Computers in production manage:

  • Mechanisms;
  • Industrial robots;
  • Technological modes.