Which gas stove is better?

The most familiar equipment for any kitchen is a gas stove. And although, today, the class of electric stoves is developing at a rapid pace, the gas stove does not intend to give up its positions. One of its advantages is cost effectiveness. Progress does not stand still, and, every day, experts are working to ensure security when using a gas stove.

Advantages of the gas stove

Which gas stove is better and what are its distinctive advantages in general? Modern electric and gas stoves offer a very wide range, which allows the consumer to choose the most suitable option for him.

Gas stoves have clear advantages over electric ones:

  • Cooking on a gas stove takes much less time than on electric burners.
  • The gas stove allows you to instantly cook or fry the desired product. And the heating of the electric stove takes a certain amount of time.
  • Accordingly, the gas stove cools much faster than the electric one, thereby preventing food from burning.

Characteristics of the gas stove

Appliance stores do not spare funds for advertising, in order to demonstrate to the buyer, what good gas stoves can be purchased from them. However, when choosing this type of kitchen equipment, you need to rely, first of all, on its characteristics. It should be noted that the gas stove - a single complex, which consists of an oven, as well as a hob. The most important part of the gas stove is a hot plate. A burner (burner) is a special device in which air and gas are mixed. Modern plates offer consumers from two to six rings to choose from.

The oven can have its own electric heater or burner. Cooking surfaces of gas stoves differ not only in the number of available burners, but also in the power that each burner generates. The most common type is a stove with four burners, one of which is high-power, and the other is reduced.

Until recently, manufacturers could offer models of stoves that had only single-circuit burners. Today, you can easily choose a model that has rings with two, and even three circuits.This technological innovation can significantly speed up the cooking process.

A modern gas stove has an electric ignition system, which can be either automatic or manual. In manual mode - for ignition you need to press the corresponding button. Automatic - lights up when the knob is turned.

Another useful system with which many stoves are equipped is the gas control system. It helps to immediately stop the supply of gas to the burner in which the fire accidentally went out. Depending on the model, the “gas control” system can stop feeding either only to the burners of the hob or else to the hob of the oven. If you are serious about security, choosing which gas stove is best to buy, pay attention to what kind of "gas control" is installed on the desired model.


The hob fits well into the kitchen interior, and also easily integrates into the furniture. To date, this surface is made of two materials: enameled and stainless steel.Plates with enamel coating are much cheaper and can be of different colors. The advantage of stainless steel coating is its high chemical resistance. It is non-corrosive and easy to clean. Panels that are made of tempered glass are popular for their durability and are easy to maintain.


Plates are divided by size into two categories: compact and standard size plates. Most of them have a standard height of 85 cm. This size is standardized with kitchen equipment. The width of gas stoves varies from 50 to 90 cm. A stove is advisable for a mini-kitchen, a width is within 50 cm. Of course, a wide stove is an order of magnitude more convenient. Therefore, if your kitchen is a spacious wide stove, it will be a great addition to its interior. The depth of the stoves, as a rule, is from 50 to 60 cm. The most common stoves are with a depth of 60 cm. After making the necessary measurements, you can understand which gas stove is better for your kitchen


In the oven can be two types of heating elements: electric and gas. Today, models in which the cooking surface is gas and the oven is electric are in great demand.Electric oven provides a much more uniform heating than the gas. And it is much easier to regulate the temperature in such a perfume cabinet.

Heating in the oven can be, as below, so above, as well as at the same time above and below. Heating can be: ventilation, infrared, grill, or combine all types together. Cleaning the oven is a very painstaking exercise. In expensive models, the oven inside is covered with special enamel, thanks to which the fats decompose themselves. More simple models do not have a self-cleaning function.

Plate selection criteria

What gas stove is better to buy? To choose the right kitchen equipment, you need to consider the following points:

  • the color of the plate (it must match the design of your kitchen),
  • connecting plate,
  • dimensions,
  • control (electric firing, gas-control system),
  • type of hob, and also consider what kind of oven we need.

I would like to note that the connection and installation of a gas stove should be dealt with exclusively by a highly qualified specialist, who has an appropriate permit for carrying out such types of work. It is impossible to connect the plate by yourself!

So, now you know the advantages of a gas stove, its characteristics, what to focus on when choosing it. Only you can decide which stove fits best into the interior of your kitchen and what properties this kitchen equipment should possess.