Where to put the video?

Quite often we are faced with the need to upload video files to the network in order to share them with friends or publish them in a blog. Choosing where to put the video, you should decide whether you need to watch your video online or to store the file and download it later. In the first case, you need a video hosting, in the second - a file sharing service.

Where to download video for online viewing:

  • - The most popular video hosting. Good download speed, watching videos. Disabled advertising. Supports all video formats. You can watch the video directly on the website or, having received a special code, you can paste the video on your website or any other resource. Disadvantages - in the base account the maximum possible time of the video for downloading is 15 minutes. Increase the duration you will be offered only after half a year - a year.
  • - Supports almost all video formats. The maximum file size is 2 GB with a duration of no more than 50 minutes.
  • - Fairly stable video hosting. You can view on it or generate a link for embedding. Supports HD. The system of file access levels.But there is a drawback - it allows you to upload no more than 500 MB per week. It does not limit the playback time of the file. The increase in volume is possible only on a paid account.
  • - The place is not limited, but the uploaded file should not exceed 60 minutes and 2 GB. Convenient interface. The disadvantage is that the file is too long to process after loading.
  • - A good video hosting, there are no restrictions on the duration, on the volume of files and their number. Disadvantage - does not support Cyrillic in the names.
  • - The length of the video to download is not limited, but its size is not more than 1.5 GB. Download video from the link and from the camcorder. HD support. Disadvantage - no more than 5 GB can be downloaded in 2 weeks.
  • - The choice of formats is not great * .mpg, * .avi, *. Wmv. Video size - no more than 1 GB.
  • - The file is no more than 2 GB, the number of files is not limited. If a video complaint arrives, it is not deleted - access to other users is denied to it. The disadvantage is not a very convenient player, it is possible that it hangs during playback. Ability to code embed on your site.
  • - Recently it has its own player. You cannot watch the video on the site, but after uploading and converting the account code appears for embedding it on your site.File size is not limited. The retention period for large files is 30 days, for small ones - 90 days. After this period, the files will have to perezalit. A large number of ads, and not all can be turned off in the player settings. Due to server congestion, there may be a hang when browsing. On the positive side, there is a link where your friends with whom you want to share a video can download it without any deterioration.

Where to upload video for download? In addition to the above-mentioned Letitbit, the following file sharing services can be advised:

  • - Download file up to 10 GB. Shelf life and the amount of information is not limited. It is possible to set a password to download a separate file.
  • - The number of files is not limited. Downloadable video up to 5 GB with a storage period of 3 months. It is possible to extend the shelf life.