Where to invite to the first date?

The first date is always an exciting and reverent event. It is on it that the first impression is formed, so, of course, I want not to lose face and take my lady to a fabulous place and have a wonderful time. All girls are different, and each needs its own approach. The chamomile girl will not like it if you take her to a party after a rock concert, and “tear off”, on the contrary, the evening in the theater does not fit.

Let's see where you can invite on the first date the girl you liked.

Three components of success

  1. First of all, you should know that you need to choose a place where you could be together as much as possible and do something together.
  2. Choosing a place for a date, as well as developing a rough plan of events, you should understand that the main thing in a successful date is creativity and creativity.
  3. Your behavior. You should be attentive to your lady, cheerful and, of course, be a true gentleman (present flowers when you meet; open the door in front of her; help her to remove / put on her raincoat; move her chair; set her up when she leaves the table it will droplift it first; remove the hat in the room; take the cost of yourself; Do not smoke in her presence or ask permission; do not speak swear and obscene words; give a hand when required; at the end of the evening, escort the girl to the house, etc.).

The box in the theater - of course, this is great, but it is unlikely that your lady will not get bored, sitting for more than two hours in one place and looking at other people, instead of acting herself. Most likely, she will curse such a date, and you will not see her again. However, this does not mean that you should immediately cross out the theater. In a date is important creativity. If you take a tour of the theater on the other side of the stage, it will be another matter. You can negotiate with the administration (of course, not for free), so that you are allowed to wander around that part of the theater that is inaccessible to the public’s eyes, try on costumes, participate in the process of creating decorations, try yourself as a light fixture, stand on the stage. This evening will be exciting and well remembered, and you will have something to discuss after that.

Take into account the nature of the girl

As we have already said, before deciding where to invite a girl for the first date, you should consider whether this option will suit the character of your chosen one.Of course, you do not know the girl so well, since this is your first date, but something in her image will tell you the truth. Romantic persons perfectly suited:

  • picnic by the lake or river;
  • dinner on the roof of the house;
  • boat trip;
  • horseback riding;
  • flight in a balloon.

You can also use the services of special agencies that arrange amazing dates. For example, you can order a beautifully decorated table with chairs on the shore of the lake or on the pier (and if it is winter, then in a luxurious winter forest) and arrange dinner / lunch / breakfast by candlelight, where you will be alone. Download romantic unobtrusive music to your phone, to create a pleasant background, in the middle of the feast invite a girl to dance - she will be delighted! Of course, all this can be done by yourself, if you really try.

Fidgets and lovers of adventure, for sure, like these options:

  • amusement park;
  • skate park;
  • climbing wall;
  • rope park;
  • 5D cinema.

Date in a cafe. We break stereotypes

If in your city there are no amazing places and entertainment, you can go on a date and in a cafe.In this case, you better think about what you will do there, because the conversation may not be glued. For example, you can play some board game for two (“Bulls and Cows”, “Battleship”, “Elias”) - and you will wait for your order faster and fill in awkward pauses if they arise.

It would seem, what could be more banal than a date in a cafe? But due to the games you make it original. And you can make even more unusual: instead of the usual dinner, order all the desserts that are in the cafe, and arrange a tasting with the girl! Fun for you exactly guaranteed. And with those who make laugh, want to meet again.

You can also play "silent" and agree not to say a word to each other, but write everything on paper (for this, prepare a notebook in advance; by the way, at the end of the evening you can give it to the girl).

And the most courageous, you can try to participate in, the result of which is the outbreak of love. Of course, it is better to ask the girl if she agrees to "play with fate", otherwise, if you do everything without her knowledge, she will simply think that you work in a detective agency and someone hired you.If she agrees, believe me: she surely will not forget such a date!

Whatever you choose, remember: the main thing is to be original, then the first date will “hook” your lady, and she will definitely want to meet with you again.