What to see in Moscow in the afternoon?

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What to see in Moscow in the afternoon?

If you come to Moscow for a week or at least a few days, then it will not be too difficult for you to visit all the sights. But in those cases where time is limited to one day, it is worthwhile to think over everything well in advance. You must decide which places you want to visit, which routes to drive, which transport to use, and how much money you can spend.

It is quite difficult to consider all the tourist sites in Moscow in 1 day, and that is why it is worthwhile to decide on several of the most interesting places.

What should every tourist see in Moscow in the afternoon?

Having only 1 day at your disposal, it is best to start exploring Moscow sights from Red Square, Alexander Garden and the Kremlin. It was from here in the distant past that this majestic city began to grow, and only here can one feel the true spirit of Moscow. On the territory of these objects there is a mass of architectural and historical monuments reflecting the most diverse epochs and events that took place in all of Russia.

You should definitely see in Kazan Kazan Church, GUM, Historical Museum, place of death, St. Basil's Cathedral, which are adjacent to the Mausoleum and the necropolis in the wall of the Kremlin. You should also visit the monuments in honor of Soviet soldiers, who are located in the Alexander Garden. The Kremlin can be reached from almost anywhere in the city by subway or taxi. It is worth paying particular attention when traveling in the subway to the architecture of the stations, most of them have a unique design and are a real work of art.

You can walk in Moscow around the Kremlin, where ancient cathedrals, Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon are located. You, most likely, do not have enough time to get acquainted with all the historical objects in detail, but you will definitely have time to take a picture with them and examine them. After that, the best option would be to walk along the embankment in the direction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, to see the Patriarchal Bridge and the legendary House on the embankment.

What should a lover of painting do in Moscow? Of course, visit the Tretyakov Gallery! Just one stop on the subway, and you are there.Here you will have to stand in a queue for tickets, but a visit to this attraction has not left anyone indifferent.