What to make of clay?

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What to make of clay?

Both children and adults will benefit from modeling. They develop fine motor skills of hands, and many, having only once tried to make something out of clay, never leave this occupation, because it is very creative and “alive”. After all, clay is a natural material, a natural substance of natural origin. Products from it are made by hand, which means they remember the warmth of human hands; Each such handicraft carries a piece of the soul of the author.

What can be made of clay

What products can be made from clay at home? For example, you can make:

  • simple dishes: cups, vases, large dishes, spice jars or earthenware jars. After roasting in the oven, they will become durable and suitable for use;
  • Children's toys: dolls, funny animals, fairy-tale characters. Children enjoy playing with such crafts, especially if they are made with their own hands or with the help of their parents;
  • miniature copies of stately buildings. Create a collection of the seven wonders of the world in your home;
  • decorations that do not exist. This will be a unique author's work, and you are the only owner.

Where to begin?

If you think that it is very difficult to mold from clay, then we suggest that you start with a simple product - necklaces made of polymer clay:

  • Mix several colors of clay - you get a watercolor color;
  • Cut small pieces from the clay mass and form beads out of them;
  • Make a hole in the center of the beads with a toothpick;
  • Bake the beads in the oven at 130aboutFROM;
  • String beads on waxed cotton cord;
  • Attach a magnetic clasp to the necklace.

Your necklace is ready - wear it with pleasure!

Today, fashion is all natural and therefore it is worth thinking about making clay interior items. These will be original products, working on which you can create your own style. Try making clay flower pots. Decorate them with pieces of colored glass, pebbles or buttons, and you will not find the second one.

You can also make a stand for pens or toothbrushes from clay. Paint it with colors in the color of the bathroom or in the tone of the interior of the study, and this cute thing will cheer you up every time you do your usual activities.

If modeling is not in vain, then soon you will be able to make more complex things. Reaching a certain level, be sure to fashion yourself clay teapot for brewing tea. The taste of the drink will be much nicer, and the color and aroma richer.

Use another idea of ​​what to make from clay at home and create a beautiful piggy bank in the form of a dollhouse, into the pipe of which you can throw coins. You can use the usual images - pig or cat. The only drawback of this craft is that it will have to be broken, unless you foresee a more benign withdrawal of money.

Features of clay for sculpting

Before you begin to sculpt something from clay, you should prepare it for work: stretch your arms with your hands, repulse - this will remove the excess air bubbles, and the product will not burst during firing (firing is used for crafts from ordinary clay).

If you do not have the capacity or desire to "temper" the crafts, then use polymer clay, which hardens in the air. This kind of clay for modeling is also called thermoplastic, it can have color and various additives in its texture.It is divided into self-hardening and the one that needs baking (an ordinary oven, preheated to 100-150aboutFROM).

Such advice is useful to beginning masters: make sure that the clay does not dry out - the loss of plasticity threatens products with cracks and excessive fragility. To prevent drying in the mass for modeling, you can add a little vegetable oil (cotton, castor, etc.), in the amount of 20% by weight of clay.

To help the clay to remain longer, it can be ordinary fabric, moistened with water - it should cover the clay in the breaks of the workflow.