What to give a friend inexpensive?

It would seem that choosing a gift for a woman is always easy. She will be glad to any gift that will emphasize her femininity, will help to become even more beautiful and useful in caring for yourself. That's just the beauty requires not only sacrifices, but also financial investments. Therefore, a gift for a woman always has to be well spent. Is it possible to do with "little blood"? For example, let's think what to give a friend a cheap and at the same time pleasant and memorable?

Handmade Gifts

A handmade gift is doubly enjoyable. After all, you spend on it not only money, but also your own time. In addition, making a gift, you put in it the soul and warmth of your hands. So, what can you give such a needlework to your girlfriend?

Knitten things

These can be garments and accessories. What exactly you will associate depends on the age of your girlfriend and on your skill. And you can tie anything, from a warm scarf or phone case to, for example, a cardigan.

What you can sew

Do you know how to sew? Then try to make as a gift to your girlfriend a fashionable thing in the style of patchwork. For example, a patchwork bedspread or rug. Or sew a beach bag or a cosmetic bag, in general, everything that is enough for your imagination and rags.

Souvenirs and jewelry

Try to master the technique of modeling, for example, from polymer clay, salt dough or cold porcelain. In these techniques, you can make a lot of pleasant and beautiful little things: panels, jewelry, statues. And you can also make a flower brooch made of leather, organza, felt or silk.


If your girlfriend loves sweets, then bake her a cake. Or make handmade chocolates. In the end, try yourself in the art of making bouquets of sweets.

Photo and video gifts

No, no, we do not offer you to donate digital equipment! But to use it for making a gift is even possible.

Stylized portrait

Such a gift you can make if you own the skill of Photoshop. However, online services, where you can process a photo for free, are also abundant in the network. Make a portrait, stylized painting, drawing or watercolor. Or try making a cartoon out of ordinary photos.You will only have to print your creation and place it in a frame.

Slide show

In any program designed to perform a slide show, you can make thematic collections of photos with music. But which topic to choose is up to you. For example, "age", which will illustrate the process of your girlfriend's growing up. Or "characteristic", where you can reveal all the emotional characteristics and character traits of your girlfriend.

Video film

Make a film-tour of memorable places for you and your girlfriend, accompanied by witty comments. Or make a video greeting, which can also be musical.

In general, fantasize! A number of ideas for a cheap gift, we offered you.