What does the liver like?

Natalia Alexandrova
Natalia Alexandrova
May 31, 2012
What does the liver like?

The liver is a vital organ. Therefore, do not deprive her of attention. After all, you think that you are eating so that your stomach and intestines feel good, you take vitamin brains for the heart, for the heart ... So why do you need to take care of the liver:

The liver performs the following functions:

  • Participates in all metabolic processes of the body (protein, carbohydrate, fat, mineral, water, vitamin, hormonal);
  • it cleanses the body of toxic substances (poisons are destroyed in the liver and, moreover, the synthesis of useful substances from harmful substances occurs);
  • accumulates beneficial substances for the body. The liver is a kind of “warehouse” of nutrients that the body begins to spend in stressful situations;
  • the liver produces and secretes bile, which is necessary for the neutralization of poisons and the normalization of metabolic processes;
  • performs protective and controlling functions - i.e. supports normal blood composition, as well as immunity, helps the body fight infections.

Now find out what the liver likes?

Liver health products:

  1. Low-fat products of animal origin: fish (cod, hake, carp, trout), as well as chicken, veal;
  2. Vegetables: raw, boiled, salads. Cabbage, carrots, greens, zucchini - optimally with olive, linseed, mustard oil;
  3. Fruits and dried fruits: bananas, prunes, figs, dried apricots, raisins;
  4. Dairy products: kefir, milk, yoghurts. Best of all natural, non-greasy, without artificial colors and flavors;
  5. Kashi: buckwheat, oatmeal and other;
  6. Pure water.

If you say in general, what foods the liver likes, then these are non-greasy, easily digestible, containing a lot of useful substances and vitamins.

A common question, does a liver like sweets? - It is preferable to use natural honey. Sweet food in large quantities is an extra burden on this organ. In principle, you can eat everything, but in very limited quantities so that the liver has time to cope with the loads. And do not eat at night.

Products harmful to the liver:

  1. All fatty foods: meat, fried, lard, butter. And also mushrooms in large quantities;
  2. Food with a sharp taste (pickled, peppered, too salty), is no exception - garlic, radish and other vegetables with sharp tastes;
  3. Alcoholic drinks - they put a huge strain on the liver, and if they are consumed excessively, they cause cirrhosis of the liver (minimally harmful - dry red wine in small quantities);
  4. Unwashed foods - dirt on any vegetables and other foods - a source of infection and liver disease;
  5. Medicinal substances - the majority - is a "blow to the liver" (always take only at the recommendation of doctors)!

Adhere to proper nutrition, drink more water and love your body, your organs! Be healthy!