What not to do during pregnancy?

Certainly, pregnancy imposes some restrictions on a woman. After all, during this period she should take care not only of herself, but also of the baby she wears in her heart. Now she decides not only for herself, but also for the child, so she must act with the best of intentions.

What of the daily affairs can not be done during pregnancy

  • Pregnant women should not do work related to weight lifting. Have you decided to wipe the floors? Wearing a bucket with pregnant water is prohibited! As a last resort, take water with a small scoop and leave the bucket in place. And if a pregnant woman needs to carry something in her hands, then distribute the load evenly in both hands. With any slightest fatigue, the expectant mother should stop the activity.
  • You can not climb a stool and a ladder. Laundry entrust hang out to her husband.
  • Do not perform actions that require sudden movements, such as knocking out a carpet.
  • When cleaning the stove, toilet, sinks and other household items, do not use chemicals with a pronounced odor. Also, always wear gloves when doing this.
  • No repair within 9 months!
  • As for sex, you can do it! The ban enters into force only when there is a threat of miscarriage or premature birth. If you feel pain during sex, contact your gynecologist, it can be a symptom of a disease.
  • And most importantly, in case of suspicion of abortion, immediately cancel all cases and observe the strictest bed rest. Consult a doctor.

What not to do during pregnancy - bad habits

  • Smoking. It is not allowed to smoke for pregnant women, and passive smoking should be avoided, that is, not to be near a person who smokes at this moment.
  • Drugs and alcohol. With the first, everything is clear without words, but at the expense of alcohol, some moms still manage to ask if you can drink a glass of wine or beer during pregnancy. You can not look at this matter on the experience of other mothers, do not listen to those who say that nothing terrible will happen! The body of each woman is different, and the terrible consequences of alcohol can occur, like a fetus (fetal alcohol syndrome, birth defects), and an older child (problems with school performance, late development).
  • Coffee. It is not recommended for pregnant women to abuse this hot flavored drink.It has been proven that 300 mg of caffeine per day for a pregnant woman is an awful lot! Its content in the blood more than the norm threatens with miscarriage or underweight at birth.

What can not be done during pregnancy according to signs

Of course, take, associated with the fact that you can not do during pregnancy, full! Now we will figure out which of them is a myth, and that carries wisdom.

  • Pregnant women can not sit on one leg. This statement is far from accepting! The fact is that such a position of the future mother does not just disrupt blood circulation, but also in this way reduces the amount of blood that should flow to the fetus. In addition, sitting on her legs, pregnant creates a huge load on the spine, and consequently the pain increases.
  • Before birth, you can not buy things for the child. The origin of this omen refers to the time when the percentage of infant mortality was very high. In our time, this is just superstition. The process of preparing for the birth of the baby in the family usually brings mom pleasure, which favorably affects the state of the baby.
  • Pregnant women should not go to the funeral, otherwise the child may be born any illness.On the one hand, we understand that superstition is superstition. But on the other hand, doctors and psychologists advise women to think about how they relate to such a procedure. After all, the calmer the mother, the less she worries, the calmer and happier her baby will be.