What is the best way to do a back massage?

Recently, the back massage procedure is gaining more and more popularity, because, in the process, you can get a feeling of freshness and relaxation, pain in the lumbar region decreases, fatigue and tension of the whole body are reduced.

In addition, back massage is a very useful procedure for the human body: under its action, the nervous system is balanced, the necessary blood circulation in the body is restored, and all muscles are relaxed after heavy physical exertion.

Candles and oils will create the right atmosphere

And what about the psychological aspect of relieving stress and tension that accumulates daily in our body with each new working day.

But, unfortunately, or fortunately, back massage is such an occupation that it is almost impossible to cope with on our own, there is always someone who will be able to "wrinkle" the back.

However, each time to call a specialist or go to special treatment rooms is not always possible, besides it is very monetary, and to make a massage brings some sense, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive treatment.

Therefore, if there is a person in the family who is able, at least at the level of an “amateur,” to carry out such sessions of revitalizing therapy to his loved ones, then he becomes worth his weight in gold, still, one might say, a personal massage therapist!

There are many different techniques and techniques of massage, depending on them, certain techniques used in therapy will change, and massage, in turn, will acquire its own specifics.

It is not necessary to learn deep-seated questions and a variety of techniques; for an amateur and quite useful massage it is enough to master several basic and simple techniques, the constant alternation and the correct execution of which will lead to very pleasant results.

It is very important to understand how to do a back massage at home, because erroneous movements and incorrect techniques can not only bring no benefit, but, on the contrary, cause serious harm to the body.

Of course, if you do not have special time limits, then experts recommend still giving preference to a full body massage, but since we often rush through life, the back becomes the first priority area to which special attention is paid.

Highlights of a proper back massage

Any massage, regardless of its orientation, should be carried out strictly in the direction of the lymphatic system. For example, if you are massaging your neck, then you need to move gradually from the base of the head to the collarbone, the areas of the sacrum and lower back are worked towards the groin, and remember that you can not massage the lymph nodes.

The very process of massage should be accompanied by complete relaxation, each muscle of the body should be in a calm position, a person should be placed on a hard mattress or on a special massage table.

The main thing to seriously go to the procedure

It is necessary to listen to the pain threshold of a person, if he experiences severe pain, then it is necessary to reduce the degree of clicks and techniques.

Remember that the maximum effect can be achieved only by massaging the naked body, while you need to constantly alternate tricks, sometimes strong, then weak, do not forget that each of them can be repeated five to eight times.

Do not forget to constantly maintain a clear rhythm and pace of exercises, there should not be long stops between different techniques, one exercise gradually replaces the other.

As we saidThere is a huge amount of back massage techniques: relaxing, which helps relieve stress and relax after a hard day, exciting, is an incredibly beautiful prelude before the direct sexual intercourse of two people, a healing, rather serious way that not only allows you to relieve tension and stress, but also correct bones and heal joints.

Naturally, this is not all varieties, we will talk only about some of the most popular ones. Mastering the basic techniques of massage is not difficult, the main thing in this business is diligence and attention to your partner.

The main movements of the classic massage

Any massage always begins with strokes that prepare the skin and other human organs for the upcoming procedure. They are performed by two closed palms, which must be smoothly moved from the lumbar region along the spine, and then each arm is bred to the corresponding shoulder blade.

Such actions are repeated 5-7 times, after which we proceed to grinding, kneading, squeezing and rolling. Rubbing is carried out in the same way as stroking, only with a greater degree of pressure, after which they proceed to kneading the back.

It is very nice

The technique itself may overlap in the direction of movement with the previous ones, the difference is that the area of ​​impact is reduced: put one hand on the other, you will increase the pressure, then we will run our fingers in a spiral, while grabbing different parts of the back. Repeat the manipulation 4-5 times.

“Rolling out” is performed in this way: a piece of muscle tissue on the lower back is tipped with one hand, and then, turning it with the index finger and thumb, as if we are rolling it vertically to the neck.

Repeated such actions from different sides of the back several times, after which intensive rubbing is performed. You can connect clapping palms over the entire surface of the back (hands should be half relaxed).

The massage ends with the same movements that were performed at the very beginning, soothing the skin with smooth and soft strokes. The normal time to perform a back massage is 20-25 minutes.

What is needed for a back massage?

First of all, you need to take care of the surface on which the massage will be performed: a thin, dense mattress, a piece of foam rubber, or, of course, ideally, a massage table will do.The masseur should be dressed in light, non-restrictive movement, clothing.

Do not forget to take care of a set of clean towels, as well as a few small pads, they are sometimes placed under the head for a more comfortable process. Also take care of dry wipes in advance: it is convenient to use them for wiping off excess massage oil.

By the way, it is better to use lubricants only when necessary: ​​if the masseur constantly sweats his hands, or the subject has significant hairline, or as a pleasant aroma-accompaniment of an exciting or relaxing massage.

In truth, they are not a mandatory attribute of the massage, it turns out, without them, even more useful goes. Remember that it is difficult to perform well-learned actions, based on the main rules, improvise and constantly monitor the human response. Good luck!

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