What is stereo?

Anna Piskunova
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What is stereo?

At that moment, when a person was able to determine the place of volumetric bodies in the world, the need for their designation arose in the language. So the word "stereo" appeared. Next, consider what stereo is and where this word is used.

Stereo - the word Greek, literally means "solid, solid, three-dimensional, spatial." In Russian, it is rather part of the word, indicating the presence of volumetric characteristics.

If we talk about bulk physical bodies, then everything is clear. Even in geometry lessons we are confronted with stereometry telling us about three-dimensional objects. But not only the exact sciences use stereo. The word "stereo" is also used in the music and film industry (example: stereo). This word is also found in the humanities. The well-known stereotype also has in its composition the considered part of the word - here it is rather used the meaning of the word with the meaning �firmness and constancy�.