What is selfishness?

Remember, you have ever heard these words: “What an egoist you are! How can you do that! ”Yes, the word egoist is used in everyday life, as a censure, close to a curse word. It's very bad to put your interests above others, to consider yourself better than all others. Of course, this is bad, but let's understand what egoism is.

History of the concept

Translated from the Latin "ego" means "I", hence the concept of "selfish". The principle of egoism in the days of enlightenment was recognized as the cause of the causes and the beginning of all beginnings in human activity, as the engine of human development and progress. If an ancient man did not want to warm himself, he would sew tiger skin clothes? If I hadn’t admired my image, would I have written brilliant art canvases? In the 18th century, scientists were already able to understand. What is this feeling and formulated the theory of rational egoism. In this sense, it is a very useful quality both for each individual and for society as a whole.

Contradictions in the definition of

The French thinkers, defining who the egoist is, assigned the leading world role to this human quality. And basically they were right. Taking care of himself personally, man invents, creates, teaches, flies into space, sinks to the bottom of the oceans ... And also gives birth and raises children, fulfilling his main purpose. Procreation is not self-concern, is it not egoism? This is the main problem of egoism: the duality of the concept. In modern society, this concept has been transformed. Now selfishness is considered a behavior that is aimed entirely at obtaining benefits for itself and does not take into account the interests of others. And it borders on dishonesty, the humiliation of someone else's dignity. The antonym of egoism is altruism. If to understand thoroughly, then those manifestations that are called egoism, better called rudeness, cruelty, rudeness.

Modern interpretation of egoism

Modern psychologists, fortunately, consider egoism a very good quality within reasonable limits, combined with good education and decency. They believe that rational egoism is inherited from the genes of the parents.This process is due to the struggle for human survival. So it can be argued that natural selection over the course of long centuries among all the people of the earth gave rise to such a phenomenon as egoism. History gives us examples of egoism in large numbers. Why do people come up with a plane? Because they did not want to walk long distances, strain muscles, rub calluses. A modern automatic washing machine was invented by an engineer who just wanted more attention from his wife, and she always rinsed underwear. Coco Chanel has created her little black dress, beloved by all women since then, because she wanted to beat the secular rich lionesses. This is the essence of egoism: taking care of ourselves, each of us helps develop and live better for all people.