What is oncology?

Many have heard of such things as oncology and oncological diseases. In this article we will talk in detail about what is oncology, let's talk about the possible causes of cancer.

The article also tells about the prevention and treatment of cancer.

The concept of oncology and oncological diseases

Oncological diseases are characterized by the development of malignant and benign tumors. Under the malignant should be understood such tumors that are prone to growth, pose a threat to the body and have the ability to release metastases.

Oncology is a field of medicine that combines knowledge of cancer and benign tumors, and studies the behavior of cells involved in their formation, determines the presence of a developing malignant tumor in the body.

Note that cancer cells multiply in the same way as cells from any other organs.

Causes of cancer

Currently, medicine is actively exploring the causes that can trigger the growth of malignant tumors in the human body.Some of the known causes of cancer are:

  • The effects of radiation, as well as radio waves.
  • Exposure to carcinogens entering the human body.
  • Smoking and eating foods containing various flavors, including dyes.

The main reason for the development of cancer tumors is considered an imbalance of the body, namely the weakening of the protective systems.

Cancer prevention

  • It is known that good prevention of cancer is proper nutrition and exercise. Scientists claim that obesity, as well as a sedentary lifestyle can increase the development of breast cancer and colon cancer. The American Institute for Research cites statistics that 30 percent of people who support a diet suffer less from bowel cancer. In particular, for the prevention of cancer, it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits, especially beans, whole grains.
  • A great influence on the body has a sleep mode. The correct sleep mode not only strengthens the human immunity, but also improves its indicators of the fight against cancer cells.So far, this mechanism has not been fully studied, so it is difficult to say exactly how our body fights cancer. However, the fact that sleep has a positive effect on health and that people who comply with sleep patterns, suffer from cancer much less often, is a scientific fact.
  • The most important way to prevent cancer is regular medical examination. This preventive measure can really save a person from the development of cancer. Doctors recommend taking smears from the 21st year of life. This method of preventing early detection of cancer is now the best.

You should also pay attention to the fact that the causes of cancer may be due to heredity.

Methods of fighting cancer

In this article, we will not consider in detail all the ways to fight cancer, but dwell on the most popular ones. These include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and gamma knife.

  1. Radiation therapy uses X-rays in its technique to kill cancer cells. Healthy cells are not exposed to radiation.
  2. Chemotherapy uses a variety of drugs that inhibit the activity of cancer cells and eventually destroy the tumor.
  3. Finally, a gamma knife allows for the removal of a cancerous tumor through surgical intervention. This tool is a concentration of energy that is focused through a single point lens system. Thus, it is possible to remove even very difficult resectable tumor quickly and with minimal risks.

There is also a method of conventional surgery, which is used in cases where the tumor can be easily removed.