What is hardcore?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
August 1, 2012
What is hardcore?

Hardcore is a style of music characterized by a quick, direct beat, an abundance of industrial sounds, all sorts of squeaks, screams, howling synths. He appeared in the late 1970s in Britain and the United States. The main feature of this trend is a very fast pace (150-400 BPM), as well as the use of "hard" guitar lotions. Some bands pass a bass drum through the lotion “distortion”. Often, along with the direct bit, quite syncopated drum beats are used. As for the semantic content, most hardcore musicians write songs about personal freedom, politics, anarchy, social problems, pacifism, and violence.

Speaking about what hardcore is, one should pay attention to the classification of this genre. So, allocate:

Digital Hardcore, Youth crew, French box, Beatdown, Heykor, Post-hardcore, Ska-kor.

Now about each of these subspecies in more detail.

  • So, Digital Hardcore is characterized by the presence of bass, industrial sounds and synthesizer samples in the sound. As for the vocals, it can be absolutely anything: from clean to scream and growl. Digital is also characterized by the rigidity and primitiveness of guitar reefs.
  • Youth crew has more positive moods, as well as the presence of propaganda of veganism and straight edge.
  • Post-hardcore, which appeared in the late 80s, is characterized by more dynamic and complex structures of songs, as well as the impressive presence of clean vocals.
  • French box is a mixture of post-hardcore, scrimo, matclan slang and experimentation. This music is filled with tragedy, depressive moods.
  • Heytkor, in turn, is a more aggressive and gloomy subspecies of traditional hardcore.
  • As for Ska-kora, this direction implies the use of ska elements in hardcore. The style is characterized by a fast tempo, short duration of songs, the presence of growling and skrima.

Continuing the theme of what hardcore means, it should be noted features of the subculture. So, outwardly, fans of the above styles look more restrained when compared to punks. Sneakers, sweatshirts, plaid shirts, camouflage wardrobe items, and blue skinny jeans dominate the style of hardcore clothes.In contrast to all the same punks, representatives of the hardcore movement wear short hair, love tattoos.