What is azimuth?

Anton Kravchenko
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What is azimuth?

Azimuth is a concept that is used in many applied sciences. In addition, we are accustomed to hear the azimuth when talking about orienteering. Azimuth is necessary in navigation and tourism, in astronomical research. But not everyone knows what the azimuth.

In the usual sense, azimuth is the angle between the direction to a point and the direction to another point or object from the observer�s place. If we speak in scientific language, then the azimuth is the angle that is measured between a given direction and the direction of the meridian. The azimuth can be magnetic and geographic.

  • Magnetic azimuth is measured from the direction of the magnetic meridian, as a rule, focusing on the compass needle.
  • But the geographical azimuth is measured from the direction of the geographical meridian, which is determined by astronomical observations.

In addition, the concept of azimuth is used in astronomy. In this science, azimuth is applied to celestial objects, such as stars. The azimuth of a star is an arc from the south to the vertical circle of this object.This is necessary to study the motion of celestial bodies, predicting the trajectory of the stars.

In geodesy, azimuth is also used. Often it is counted clockwise and represents the angle between the north direction and the direction to the desired object. This is the azimuth tourists and sailors expect when navigating the terrain.

It is important not only to know what an azimuth is, but also to be able to find it. For this you need a compass, a map and a ruler. Calculate the azimuth is easy, for this you need to attach one end of the ruler to the magnetic arrow of the north, and the other to the object you need. The resulting angle, which is measured in degrees, is the azimuth.