What gifts to give a man: TOP Gifts

Our happiness, that giving gifts to men need not so often. Otherwise, we would all be mad here long ago.

But we don’t need to remember about invariable socks and shaving foam on the 23rd of February. This is a gesture of despair, by the way. After we had a dozen telephone conversations on the topic: “What to give a man?” And the women's quorum did not give anything more decent than the classics.

No, well, really. With male colleagues on the budget is not clearing up. With my dear husband, it usually happens like with children: “So we will buy it for you now, only for a birthday!”. It is quite difficult with a lover - men usually always have everything. And what do they need, after all, besides clothes and a motorcycle? (from)


Well, nothing, we will teach you everything now.

If you live in a city, in an apartment, you have an ordinary life and an ordinary career, your man has a strangled need at heart.

The need to be wild.

This is with you, he is a cute cat-sneaker-in-cell. In the morning he ties his tie and goes to the office.But in reality, he is hunting in a fur rag on his hips, chasing bison across the prairies, biting off pieces of meat on the run, then drinking drunk and drawing goddess Demeter on the cave walls. And every thing that brings him at least a little to the bison and the prairies is must-hev!

Plus, we don’t forget that the first forty years in the boy’s life are the most difficult and our task is to make a man’s inner child a holiday.

Top Gifts for Men

It is categorically NOT possible to give something boring and “motherly” - clothes, dog hair belt, an appointment with a urologist and a year’s supply of socks.

None of what you want to donate, should not be reminded of the earthly and zadolbavshemu - life, health, mortgage. Only sex, drugs and rock & roll.

Top Gifts for Men

Our society is designed so that it is accepted to arrange dreams for girls only. And let's break the pattern and love our men with all my might.

He is from school bench raves career musician? Excellent! Give him an electric guitar. Yes, he will abandon her in a couple of weeks, no one seriously and does not plan to become Ricci Blackmore after the mid-life crisis. But then you will forever remain a goddess who knows exactly what her knight wants (and don’t throw away the check).

Top Gifts for Men

And then there is the word that makes absolutely enthusiastic ten years old out of absolutely every man. This word: “Quadcopter”. And let the whole world wait. You will be surprised to learn that some men even give birth to a whole real son in order to play with impunity toys that he did not have in his childhood.

Top Gifts for Men

Well, returning to the subject of such a seductive for every representative of the stronger sex "savagery." Here you can not cope. Take the faithful armpit and drag to the store or to the electronic catalog, if you are an intelligent and humane woman. And let him choose what he needs there: an inflatable boat, a spinning of valuable wood, a pneumatic gun, army binoculars or a set of ten dry rations - he knows better. Your task is to buy, present and let them play for health.

Top Gifts for Men

And every wise woman knows what place the path goes to a restless male heart. Yes, we know what you thought, girls! And through him too, but the main thing is the stomach. There is not a single man in the world indifferent to delicious food. It is foolish to ignore these modest joys.

Give him, for example, a super-meat set from a proven kebab house.Or expensive matured meat for steaks, if he likes to cook and appreciate. Or a bucket of crayfish and a keg of beer. Or does he love you there? “Napoleon” grandmother's recipe? So, it will be “Napoleon”!

Top Gifts for Men

We conducted a survey here in the editorial office and it turned out that some form of nonsense caused the best reaction:

  • puzzle for 10 thousand pieces
  • a complete collection of some sort of fiction,
  • set for gluing machine models,
  • toy railway
  • game console.

So at least on his birthday or some kind of purely masculine holiday let him forget about how adult he is, serious and full of obligations. Let him just be fun.