What does the name Artem mean?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
July 27, 2011
What does the name Artem mean?

In pre-revolutionary times, the name was given to the child in accordance with a specific list of legalized names by religion. Later, the state and religion were separated from each other, and the children were given absolutely any names that their parents wished. I wonder how our names appeared. For example, what does the name Artem mean, and where did it come from ...

What does the name Artem mean? General characteristics

The Greek name Artyom means calm character, objectivity and honesty, purposefulness and appeasability. Artyom is capable, diligent, hardworking and, as a rule, well-read person. Artem can be a good doctor, jeweler, engineer, architect, his sociability will help in the career of a journalist and teacher. In marriage, Artem is a good faithful husband, he will help in all his beloved wife. The name Artem is compatible with such female names: Larisa, Lyudmila, Anna and Tamara.

What does the name Artem mean depending on the time of birth

The man named Artem, who was born in winter, is quite calm since childhood.It can be slow in activity, but it works efficiently and efficiently. Do not rush him, patronize, he will do everything himself. Leadership and custody will annoy Artem since childhood, he is independent. Artem is a real gentleman in relation to the ladies, he is attentive and friendly.

Spring Artem is a very responsible person. He is very painful experiencing failures and their failures. At such moments, he especially needs praise, it will inspire him to further activities. Yes, he can be capricious and selfish, so he needs a special approach to him ... When you need something from Artyom, do not press on him, just establish a good trusting relationship with him. Artyom can achieve a lot, he is a capable boy.

Artem, who was born in summer, responsibly refers to the norms of society or a particular organization, his discipline can be envied. He knows how to tactfully and gallantly communicate with people, does not violate the rules of ethics. Artyom grasps all the information just on the fly, we train well, but his sluggishness affects the application of this information at the right moment. To become a leader is not to strive, but to lead a will not allow

What does the name Artem mean for a person born in the fall? This Artem is a serious person, very reasonable and thoughtful. Each decision is thought out, weighing all the pros and cons. He is more resolute than the winter Artem. Since childhood, Artyomka always knows what she wants.