What documents are needed for LLC?

Oksana Logunova
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What documents are needed for LLC?

A package of documents for opening an LLC, prepared in strict accordance with the requirements of the existing legislation, is the key to successful registration of a new legal entity. faces. To prepare it yourself, you need to have a list of documents required for registration of the LLC. In addition, the legal requirements for this type of enterprise should be examined. In this article we will describe what documents are needed for an LLC.

Requirements for the enterprise

In order to register an LLC, an enterprise must have:

  • Founders, from one person to fifty. Both individuals and legal entities can act in their capacity.
  • The authorized capital, the amount of which must be at least 10,000 rubles. You can make it not only with money, but also with any property. At the time of registration of the LLC, must be paid at least fifty percent of the share capital. The remainder may be paid in 12 months from the timehow open the enterprise is.
  • The charter for its opening should be developed taking into account the requirements of existing legislation. It is possible to take a standard sample of the charter as a basis, but, nevertheless, it is better to change the standard charter, taking into account the specific circumstances, because this document defines those rules in accordance with which all the company's activities will be carried out.

List of documents

So, you need to register an LLC. What documents are needed for this will depend on whether the founders are legal or natural persons. For individuals, this list will include a photocopy of the passport and the founders identification number, if they are citizens of the Russian Federation or a photocopy of the passport with translation, certified by a notary if the founders are foreigners. Legal entities for the opening of LLC need a package that includes:

  • copies of constituent documents;
  • certificate of state registration;
  • a certificate stating that the company has entered into tax accounting for companies that are registered in Russia or two extracts (originals) from the trade register of the country that registered this enterprise for foreign companies.

In addition, the list of documents includes:

  • Information about the location of the company.
  • Information about the unique name of the company.
  • Agreement on the establishment of LLC.
  • Statutory documents of the company, data on the size of its authorized capital.
  • Information about the director (TIN, phone number, mailing address, indicating the index, a copy of the passport).
  • Information about the chief accountant (TIN, phone number, mailing address, indicating the index, a copy of the passport).
  • The decision to open an LLC.
  • Documents that confirm the payment of state duty.

Now you know what documents are needed for an LLC and you can do business registration.