What can you buy in Egypt?

Perhaps you have already been to Egypt or are just going to go there. This country leaves very few people indifferent. Surely every tourist will want to take home some souvenir for the memory of the trip, as well as grab gifts for friends, relatives, colleagues. In Egypt, you will encounter a huge number of shops, shops, shopping centers where souvenirs are sold. Street vendors will be willing to offer you their goods. How to navigate this abundance? Today we will talk about what you can buy in Egypt, and how to distinguish a fake from a quality product.

Egyptian souvenirs


This is perhaps the most popular Egyptian souvenir. The papyri often depict pharaohs, ancient Egyptian gods, scenes of hunting or battle. Although today papyrus is just beautiful material, in ancient Egypt, papyrus had a sacred meaning. Be sure to ask what god, symbol, character is shown in the figure. This papyrus is dense, does not break. If you put it in water, it will not lose its properties, which is not true of rice paper or bamboo imitations. If the fake is folded in half, it will break or be lost.This papyrus will remain unscathed. It is best to buy papyrus in shopping centers or at special papyrus factories in Luxor and in Cairo, where they will also show you the technology for making papyrus.


If you do not know what to buy in Hurghada, then look at the hookahs. The Egyptian hookah is called “shisha”, it will appeal to smokers, and can also serve as a colorful décor. To hookah was sealed, ask the seller to smoke it. Tobacco and coal you can buy in Russia.


Your name, written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in an oval frame. That is how the names of the pharaohs were written. Cartouche protects the owner of the name from the evil eye, disease and misfortune. Cartouches are made of gold and silver. Decoration can be your personal amulet.

Alabaster and stone figures

A real alabaster is a milky white stone. It passes light well, and if you shine a flashlight on a statuette, then the stone will glow from the inside. The best quality statues can be found at the alabaster factory in Luxor. Figures made of stone are often not stone, but plaster. To check, gently pick the figure with your fingernail - if it is painted plaster, then the paint will be erased. In addition, plaster figurines are lighter than stone ones.

A popular souvenir is the figure of the goddess Bast, which was depicted in the image of a cat. This is the goddess of joy and hearth. Another popular character in Egyptian mythology is the scarab beetle. It is a symbol of happiness and longevity.

How not to buy funeral symbolism

Be careful when choosing statuettes. In ancient Egypt, belief in the afterlife was very strong, so funeral symbols are found everywhere:

  • scarab beetle without paws and with a hole - it was hung on the mummy during the burial;
  • the cat on a thick stand or on a stand in the form of a vessel adorns the sarcophagi;
  • funerary mask of Tutankhamen or another pharaoh. If the beard of Pharaoh is depicted as a straight line, it means that he is alive, if in the form of a curved braid it is a posthumous image;
  • canopic vessels with the heads of the gods - in these vessels they kept what was removed from the body during mummification, namely the internal organs of the deceased.