We educate a creative person

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
March 13, 2017
We educate a creative person

Does your child show interest in music or does he simply like rhythmic sounds, for which he is happy to dance, do exercises or just have fun? Great, it's time to help him develop creatively, start memorizing melodies, humming his favorite motifs. Classes music perfectly trains memory, learns to memorize any information by ear. So why give up developing activities? You can simply buy musical instruments for kindergarten in Daughters and Son and begin to master a new world of amazing sounds.

Develop baby properly

Not any musical instruments are suitable for classes with children. They should be properly selected - soft, polyphonic sounds, no abrupt changes of tonality, unexpected accents, too powerful bass. Tools with such characteristics can only frighten very young children, while more adults can discourage the desire to play music forever. We offer completely different tools:

  • For the smallest music lovers - musical toys, executed in the form of rugs, hanging bright pictures, flexible panels. They are unable to injure a child, while attracting his attention with pleasant sounds (nature, animals, polyphony) and bright colors.
  • For the younger generation - choose the tools that can be installed on the floor, where there is a special chair and a microphone. The child will be able to play, sing and even feel himself a real artist on the stage.

You can choose toys that repeat the melodies of the sounds of real musical instruments or imitate the singing of birds, the “cries” of animals, pets. Some devices play songs, tell tales - the child will be able to memorize information by ear and memorize passages by heart.

We are learning with pleasure!

When teaching kids, the most important task is to capture their attention and keep them for a long time. Make it easy. But if you choose the right "tool" - everything will definitely work out. Musical instruments should be bright, with contrasting colors that instantly catch the eye of the kid.Not bad if motives from fairy tales and popular cartoons are applied to them - an additional incentive to engage. The child will think that he is just playing with a toy, and in fact, you train all his feelings, instilling a love of music.

To do this, you can purchase a children's synthesizer with a microphone and create a real scene for the kid, showing him that there is nothing to fear.

Start developing your child in the very early childhood, and perhaps a new pop star will “rise” in your family!