Tours to Venice, Italy

Everyone who has not been to Venice, dreams to go there, and those who have already been dreaming of returning. And if you have the opportunity to go to Italy, it does not matter whether it is a last-minute tour to Italy in August or a pre-planned trip for the Christmas holidays, do not miss the chance to see Venice with your own eyes - a museum city with countless sights.

It is impossible to list everything that attracts tourists from all over the world to Venice. The canal streets with graceful bridges, picturesque gondolas and facades of houses that have darkened from time to time, the sea coast of Lido Island with fashionable hotels and magnificent beaches, St. Mark’s Square and the famous carnival ... It seems that the ancient history of Venice left its mark on every stone in the city, and it's hard to choose where to start exploring Venice.

In Venice, which got its name from the tribe of the Veneti, who lived here long before the arrival of the Roman conquerors, there are several especially significant places that you still need to visit in the first place. One of the iconic landmarks of Venice is Piazza San Marco.Here you will see the statue of the symbol of the city - the winged lion, the Doge's Palace of the XIV – XV centuries, the Cathedral of San Marco with a bell tower and, of course, famous pigeons that can be fed with hands.

The Cathedral of San Marco surprises only with its external beauty and exquisite forms, but also with magnificent sculptures, Constantinople mosaics and frescoes, which appeared here thanks to the crusades. The bell tower of the cathedral to this day is the tallest building in Venice, which served as an observatory for Galileo itself. The Doge's Palace - the supreme rulers of the Republic of Venice - is one of the most outstanding examples of Venetian architecture. Not only the exterior decoration, but also the rich interiors of the palace, decorated with paintings by famous masters, as well as a unique collection of ancient weapons exhibited in the Palace of the Armory deserve attention.

The most popular sightseeing tourist route is a water excursion along the Grand Canal, during which you can admire the best examples of the city’s architecture. A romantic walk on a gondola allows you to walk not only along the main streets-canals, but also to visit the remote narrow streets and admire the bizarre aerial bridges.This traditional kind of urban transport for Venice, which became for many centuries one of the indispensable attributes of city life, appeared in the 7th century and is in demand until now.

Venice, like many centuries ago, is one of the centers of world culture. Here the great masters of the Renaissance lived and worked - Giovanni Bellini, Tintoretto, Veronese, Titian. It is noteworthy that their works can still be seen not in galleries, but in the places for which they were created - in churches and palaces. So, in the church of Dei Frai, you can see the "Ascension of Mary" - the work of Titian, and nearby is also his resting place. Today, Venice is the capital of the most prestigious Venice Film Festival and grand carnival, which runs from February 6 to 16.

Venice provides all sorts of leisure options - excursions and beaches, event tourism and shopping (they often come to Venice especially for Murano glass). The choice of tours to Venice today is very rich: you can buy inexpensive tours to Venice with accommodation in a hostel or rent a room, you can buy a VIP tour and stay on one of the Venetian islands in a premium hotel.In any case, you will have unforgettable impressions and love for Venice for life.