Ragged jeans

Ripped jeans in trend for the first year in a row. Probably many on the far shelves in the closet there are old jeans. If you work hard on them, you can make a fashionable thing with your own hands. For work you will need: - jeans; - nail scissors; - tweezers; - small; - kitchen board; - sponge; - a knife; - grater.
You'll need it for work
With these items you can give old jeans a chance for a new life. So let's get started: 1. Places of future holes should be marked with chalk.
 Ripped jeans
2. Then insert a kitchen board (or any other hard object) into jeans and cut strips with a knife (or scissors) at any distance from each other. Board should be put in order not to cut through the bottom of the jeans. The cuts can be wetted with a damp sponge (it will be easier to cut).