Top 5 Indoor Plants for Lazy People

1. Sansevieria, or "Teschin language." It is difficult to find a plant more unpretentious plant. It feels great in bright light and in the shade. Transplanting requires every few years, when the plant becomes little room in its former shelter. It is rarely possible to water: a significant amount of moisture is retained in dense leaves.

2. The fat woman. This ampelous plant can be lodged on both the southern and northern windowsill. In the thick leaves there is a reserve of moisture, so the sweetie can do without watering for several months. If the plant is withered, cut the stalk and put it in water. Transplanting is needed when there is absolutely no room in the pot for a powerful root system.

3. Chlorophytum. Another undemanding plant in the care. Its root system has thickenings in which nutrients and moisture accumulate. Therefore, drought is not terrible for chlorophytum. The plant can fully develop both in the sun and in the shade. This green resident is considered the best absorber of toxic substances from the air.

4. Aspidistra.In England, this plant is called the "cast-iron flower", as it withstands cold and heat, lack of moisture and light. Aspidistra perfectly suited for the arrangement of the northern rooms, where there is a lack of daylight, and office space with artificial lighting.

5. Nolina. This plant is an ideal resident of houses whose owners are often on business trips.