Top 10 favorite actors in the series

Many of us watch TV shows. And some of the actors who star in them, had become very famous. And which ones are the most popular?

Most Popular TV Actors

We offer you the top 10 most popular actors of the series:

1. Hugh LaurieBorn in Oxford in 1959. This man is incredibly charming and talented, he is not only a popular and famous actor, but also a professional musician (pianist), singer, screenwriter, writer, director and producer.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh was brought to life by British comedy series such as Jeeves and Wooster, Black Viper, Fry's Show and Laurie. And from about the mid-90s of the last century, Hugh began acting in films, but the roles were mostly minor or episodic.

And Laurie has become truly famous all over the world, having received a role in the television series Doctor House, in which he played the role of a charismatic and sometimes cynical doctor who has problems with drugs. For this work, the actor received two Golden Globe awards and recognition in the United States (they didn’t know about him before the release of the series).

2. Natalia Oreiro. She, perhaps, know almost everything.This is a very popular Uruguayan singer and actress. Natalya began practicing acting at the age of 8, and from the age of 12 she was shot in advertising. At the age of 14, Oreiro was chosen and approved for the role of assistant in the show of Shushi (Shusha is a well-known Brazilian presenter and singer), and the girl began to travel to different countries and represent Shusha on special occasions.


The first series, thanks to which many have learned and talked about Natalia, is “The Rich and Famous” (it was shown in many countries of the world). But the popular and famous girl made the role of orphan Milagros in the TV series “Wild Angel”, in which Facundo Arana was her partner.

3. Facundo Arana. Many people have learned and remembered this tall cute guy thanks to the TV series “Wild Angel”, in which he starred with Natalia Oreiro. The guy was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires in the family of a former athlete and a famous lawyer. At the age of 15, Facundo, thanks to a friend, came to the drama school. But, unfortunately, the classes had to be interrupted, since in 1989 a guy had cancer of the lymph nodes. Only in 1994, the disease receded, and Facundo began to look for work.

Facundo Arana

Searches for roles he combined with playing the saxophone.By the way, it was this passion that helped the guy, as the producer noticed him at one of the metro stations where Aran played. Facundo began to receive small roles in the series, and in 1999 starred in the cult TV series "Wild Angel". This role brought the actor international success.

4. Ian Somerhalderincredibly popular, especially among women. Still, after all this dark-haired sexy guy with a languid look plays the role of the vampire Damon Salvatore in his time to become the cult TV series “The Vampire Diaries”. At the age of 10, Yen began to work as a model from the mother’s supply and managed to succeed in the modeling business. But this was not what Ian needed, he dreamed of fame. And the guy got it.

Handsome Yen

But at first everything went wrong, as we would like. Somerhalder got roles, but they were small or unsuccessful. The first success of the guy achieved by playing a young rich guy in the TV series "Staying alive". And the role of Damon Salvatore made him really popular, of course.

5. Nina Dobrev. The series “The Vampire Diaries”, in which Nina is shot, is popular among young people, so that his actors simply could not become famous. Nina was born in Bulgaria, but soon moved with her family to Canada.Since childhood, Dobrev showed an interest in everything that was associated with art.

Nina Dobrev

She studied music, dancing, painting and even gymnastics. Subsequently, Nina realized that she had to become an actress. She graduated from art school and started looking for work. Dobrev received small roles in various films, but in 2009 the girl was invited to the shooting of the TV series The Vampire Diaries, which made her famous.

6. Jensen Ackles. Listing the most famous modern series, one simply can not fail to mention “Supernatural”. Many people know the Winchester brothers, but Dean, played by Jensen, was especially fond of all. Ackles was born in the family of an actor, but in the footsteps of his father decided not to go right away.

Jensen Ackles

So, after graduation, Jensen was going to go to the University of Texas and become a physiotherapist, but then he decided that an acting career was more important. On account of Ackles a lot of roles in fairly well-known TV shows, but the popular actor made the role of Dean Winchester.

7. Patrick Dempseyborn in 1966 in the USA. Patrick began acting in films in 1985. He managed to play in a variety of films, but fame never came. At first, the actor was given only frivolous teenage roles, and later he decided to move away from them and began acting in dramas.

Patrick Dempsey

But it did not help Patrick to become popular.Only in the early 2000s began the ascent of the career ladder. Dempsey began to be invited to serious films that were becoming quite successful. So, he starred in such films as "Stylish Thing" and "Cry 3". But the real glory Patrick felt after working in one of the most popular and beloved by many TV series. He played the role of Derek Shepard in the series Anatomy of Passion.

8. Keith Harington. "Game of Thrones" - another popular television series in which Keith played the role of John Snow. Keith was born in England. Mother Harington was a playwright, but initially Keith did not want to follow in her footsteps and the actor simply did not see herself. At first he dreamed of cameraman career, then I wanted to become a war correspondent, and then planned to get an education journalist.

Keith Harington

But it was pleasant to play on the stage and it was quite possible to play well. A few years after graduation, Harington finally makes a choice and enters the Central School of Stage Speech and Dramatic Art in London. Keith honed their skills in student productions, and he always chose the dramatic and complex roles. Harington plays in the theater and acted in films recently, but has already become popular.Breakthrough for him was the work in the series "Game of Thrones."

9. Evangeline Lilly. Today, this actress is popular, famous and rich, but it was not always the case. She managed to visit a volunteer and a missionary, a stewardess and even a climber. To pay for her education, she starred in advertising and posed for magazines, but never considered herself a model.

Evangeline Lilly

Then the manager of the famous model agency Ford noticed her and invited her to work. And it was thanks to the agency Evangeline became famous, because the actress gave a chance to agent Jeff Palffy, who collaborated with Ford. And it was he who helped Lilly get a role in the cult TV series "Lost" (although up to this point the girl had starred in other TV shows, but only in episodes).

In it, Evangeline played the role of one of the passengers of the crashed aircraft - Kate Austen. And thanks to this role Lilly found out, she became really famous.

10. Hayden Panettiere. This girl is only 25 years old, but she has already managed to star in more than one series and become very famous. Hayden's acting career began almost from a very early age, since already a year she starred in various commercials, and at the age of 4 she starred in the TV series One Life to Live. And this girl does not stop.

Hayden Panettiere

In 2006, Panettiere gets one of the main roles in the acclaimed TV series “Heroes” (she plays the role of Claire Bennet - a very unusual girl with supernormal abilities). Since 2012, Hayden begins to star in the TV series "Nashville". By the way, the actress won the Oscar for this role. Still, after all, the singer Juliet Barns (the heroine Hayden) charmed almost everyone. By the way, the girl's heart is occupied, because she has been dating with boxer Wladimir Klitschko for more than five years. And recently it became known that the couple is waiting for a daughter.

These were the most popular and favorite actors of the television series.

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