Tip 2: Three ideas for a spring photo shoot in nature

After a long winter, you want to see around you the tender greens and bright sunshine, to feel the first warmth.
Three ideas for a spring photo shoot in nature

Perhaps that is why the spring photo session is so pleasant to spend on nature, when green grass has already peeking, and the trees are covered with a gentle green mist. Do not miss this time, create amazing frames!

Vintage mini picnic on the lawn

Choose accessories for a vintage picnic - a wicker basket, an old bicycle, elegant porcelain cups, a patchwork bedspread will create an atmosphere. The outfit is also important - a gentle feminine dress with lace is best suited for a girl, the guy will look great both in a classic suit and a more informal set of trousers and a free shirt for Americans of the twenties and thirties. At such a photo session, a couple can create a whole love story.

On the shore

There are many possibilities on the bank of a pond or river.Here you can not only have a picnic, but also go boating and sit on the footbridge. Such a photo session will be good not only for the couple, although the love story in the boat can be very expressive, but also for one person.

In the garden

You are lucky if you find a beautiful garden. Flowering fruit trees create a unique atmosphere of romance, and for a couple such a photo session may not even require additional accessories. If the owners have a swing in the garden, or there is an opportunity to fix a hammock, then you should not neglect the shots with the girl on the swing. Additionally, decorate them with flowers, ribbons or otherwise to your taste.

Three ideas for a spring photo shoot in nature

Helpful advice

Do not neglect the opportunity to create an unusual atmosphere in the frame with the help of original flashlights, unusually placed objects and accessories.

Tip 3: How to make a swing with your own hands

Among the many garden swings sold, not all models can withstand a lot of weight. Reliable strong swing, which will become not only an object of entertainment for children, but also a resting place for adults, you can do it yourself.
How to make a swing with your own hands

To build a swing for giving, you will need brushed and sanded lumber.4x7 cm bars are used for the bench, their length depends on the size of the product, vertical supports and the upper crossbar are made of 14x4 cm planks. tightened at the top of the beam. At the bottom of the support is placed between the legs of the boards with a thickening at the edges and secured with M12 studs. For stability, the supports are connected at the bottom with rungs.

The basis of the bench and the backrest are arc-shaped supports of boards, fastened together with bars. Concavity can be cut out with a jigsaw. On the base evenly lay the slats and fasten to the base with bolts. The backrest is connected to the seat with the help of furniture hinges. The shop is suspended to the top beam either on chains or on a rope that is not inferior in strength to chains.

The finished country swing is treated with Aquatex impregnation, then coated with yacht varnish. For more comfort, you can install a canopy on top, sew a foam mattress on the bench. This design will easily withstand three strong adults and will bring a lot of joy to children.

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Tip 4: How to make the sun on the bar

Many of us would like to boast in front of friends or girlfriends. Some take their intellect, others - physical strength, and others - dexterity. If it occurred to you to doSunonhorizontal barto surprise others, read the tips below and you will learn how to do it most successfully and safely.
Performing the "sun" on the bar - a great way to show your fitness.
Strengthen the brush. If you are not very well developed physically, you will have to work a little to keep at allhorizontal bar. Strengthen your hands with an expander and dumbbells. Practice hanging on for as long as possible.horizontal bar. A strong grip is a guarantee that you do not fall to the ground with your head down and do not break your neck. So first make sure your grip allows you to hold ontohorizontal bar.Otherwise, you should use the straps with which you tie yourself to the horizontal bar. However, it will no longer look so impressive, and even without the slightest preparation, you still should not climb onto the horizontal bar even with belts.
Swing. In order for you to get a powerful movement forward and you could jump over the horizontal bar, you need to swing very much.The principle is the same as on the swing, but at the same time you have to hold onto the crossbar with your hands.
Strengthen the press. In addition to strong grip, you will need strong abdominal muscles to lift your body. Swing the press on the crossbar, on an inclined board, on the fitball and on the floor. But the most effective exercise for the "sun" onhorizontal bar- raise your legs on the crossbar.
Fight fear. It’s not so easy to throw your body over the horizontal bar, knowing that with the slightest mistake you can break your neck. You can insure themselves mats. Gymnastic, of course. Knowing that you will have insurance, you can do "Sun" more confident. However, any safety net will immediately reduce the effect of the performance. So try to overcome fear by yourself. If you are still afraid, it is better not to try.