The whole truth about silicone breast

Recently, no one will be surprised by the fact that breast augmentation by surgery has become a very common operation, perhaps the most popular in plastic surgery. According to some estimates, more than 2 million women have already performed such an operation, and the number of applicants is only growing, despite all the dangers and consequences.

And it is not surprising, since from ancient times a woman went to various sacrifices, only to look attractive, and a large and beautiful breast is a guarantee of sexuality and interest of the opposite sex, as well as the object of the envy of women.

That is why women, whom fate did not reward with such a gift, begin to think about the need to correct their volumes, having resorted to the help of plastic surgeons.

Now it is absolutely easy, because plastic surgery clinics are growing like mushrooms. All would be nothing, but the fact of "silicone breasts" order was overgrown with various myths and horror stories, which is associated with the lack of education of women who decided on such an operation in this matter.

In order to acquire a large silicone breast, it is necessary to study all the depressing issues in detail, in order to protect yourself from unexpected disorders.

A bit of history

It is believed that the first breast augmentation surgery was carried out in 1962, moreover, to a woman who did not initially plan a similar one, but came to the clinic to get a tattoo from her breast. But be that as it may, the patient was satisfied throughout her long life.

The first implants were in the form of capsules, which had thick walls that did not look too natural. A couple of years later, implants appeared, which were filled with saline, the walls decreased significantly, which contributed to their frequent breaks and the flow of filler.

In the 90s, capsules that were filled with liquid silicone were invented; when the capsule shell breaks, the filler does not leak out, which makes them safer.

However, at about the same time in the United States, silicone implants are prohibited from using, leaving only capsules with saline. After multiple discussions and disputes, silicone implants were returned after a couple of years.

What are the breasts doing now?

From the name it is clear that the main component, of course, is silicone.It consists of the main shell of the implant, inside it is a filler, which is currently a silicone gel.

He (silicone gel) is liquid or cohesive. Another type of filler is an isotonic solution, which is similar in texture to water. However, it has some drawbacks, for example, liquid overflow and wrinkling are possible.

But the silicone gel has an undeniable advantage, because it does not follow if a small crack forms in the implant shell, and is also mainly made in anatomical form, which does not cause aesthetic misunderstandings.

Silicone prostheses may vary in shape and size, it all depends on the desire of the patient. Most often they are round or drop-shaped, which one is difficult to advise, since the first form is considered to be more sexual, but the drop-shaped one is as close as possible to the natural one, and at the price the drop-shaped one will cost much more.

Also, asymmetric and symmetric, smooth and texture forms are distinguished. It is believed that the latter better get accustomed, and also cause less trouble to the new owner.

With the size of the patient is also determined by herself, often increase by 1.5-2 size, but, of course, there is a desire to get just a huge silicone breast.

Such moments are discussed in detail with the doctor, as an increase from the smallest size to the largest is not such a simple procedure, which has its own subtleties. Most often, patients simply bring a photo of the desired breast, and the plastic surgeon already determines from it what to do in his power. After all, you need to know that the result will depend on your native form of the chest and nipples.

What guarantees?

Virtually every woman who is going to take such a step is interested in how long such a breast can last and how fast the healing process takes place.

The life of such a breast is everywhere indicated differently, but it is believed that modern implants can last forever, but this is not the only problem. Any woman undergoes physiological changes, and the breast is no exception.

That is why no one will guarantee that in a couple of years you will not have to replace the breast again. Usually, the guarantee is given only when the shell breaks, and all other points are not specifically discussed.

Effects of operations

  • No one hides that such operations are quite painful, and also require a considerable period of rehabilitation. Usually, if all is well, then they are discharged from the clinic after two days, and the stitches are removed on the tenth day. However, a whole month will have to go to a special corrective underwear to avoid various problems, as well as stretch marks.
  • Depending on how the operation was performed, blood may accumulate under the skin. Outwardly, it looks like hematomas, so, if they are small, then the body successfully manages itself, but there are no large specimens, therefore, additional surgical intervention is necessary to help extract the unnecessary fluid.
  • One of the worst moments are breaks in the shell, which leads to the flow of saline in the tissue. Gaps can occur as a result of falling, car accidents or injections, and the consequences can be the most unpredictable - from breast deformation and various edemas to the development of breast cancer. Modern implants have a different structure, so do not leak during the rupture.
  • Around the scars, which will necessarily remain after the operation, dense scars may occur,which contribute to the hardening of the breast and the loss of its shape, and after years of pain and inflammation may appear. It depends on the personal immunity of the woman, as well as on the lifestyle that she leads.
  • Another, not very pleasant moment, concerns the sensitivity of the nipples, in 5-7% it did not recover even 5 years after the operation.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, of course, there are advantages to silicone breasts, especially in cases where surgery is simply necessary. But often such operations are carried away by young girls who are quite possible, there is no need to change something in themselves. Therefore, before you take the risk, weigh the pros and cons, then just do not regret it.

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