The warranty on plastic windows by law

So, are you going to put new windows in the room to provide reliable protection from street noise and cold? Turnkey warm plastic windows in Novosibirsk can be ordered here. And, of course, you wonder what the warranty period for PVC windows.

Thelaw (No. 2300-l, Article 5 on Consumer Protection)states that you can demand replacement of a defective product or elimination of installation defects during the specified warranty period. Carefully read the contract - there is a mandatory clause, where a period is indicated when you have the right to demand the elimination of any defects of the product at the manufacturer’s expense. But first of all, you need to clarify what your plastic window consists of, since the warranty period for each component is different.

PVC Profile. This is the most reliable and durable part of your windows. The guarantee for it is up to 40 years. As a rule, the absence of deformation and color changes is guaranteed (a change of 10% is acceptable).However, such a long service life is possible with the observance of several rules: there are no major transport routes, plants that pollute the atmosphere, and the plastic frame has a reinforcing profile.

Fittings. This is literally the “muscle” of your PVC window. It is thanks to the high-quality fittings that you close the doors, it is this one that ensures tightness and, as a result, protection from noise and cold. Naturally, subject to regular maintenance (handling lubricant), as well as proper operation. If the fittings “got loose” and a draft appeared, then, within three years, according to the corresponding GOST, the seller must repair it.

Double-glazed window. This design must be completely sealed. The space between the panes is filled with either gas or dried air. If inert gas is present in the chambers, the guarantee is about 15 years, dried air is up to 40.

Installationof the product. The warranty for the finished PVC window is from 3 to 5 years, subject to high-quality assembly and proper installation. For example, according to GOST, when installing window joints, silicone sealants are used, and not ordinary construction foam to ensure complete insulation of the seam.

Usually, you can identify the shortcomings of your window within a year from the date of delivery of the product, not later. If this happens, you can request a full refund. If the warranty has been violated, contact the court.