The most fashionable sunglasses in 2016

The desire to look beautiful laid by nature in every woman. And so that the chosen image looked advantageous, the fair sex is ready to spin for hours at the mirror, trying on outfits and changing accessories. Small details here often play a big role.

And sunglasses are no exception. Under the scope of scorching rays, they will provide reliable protection for the eyes and help prevent fine wrinkles, as well as add elegance to the image and emphasize the lines of the face. This accessory is useful both on the beach and in the city or car, providing its owner the maximum comfort.

This year's favorite models

Variants of frames and lenses of 2016 are very diverse in form, color and design. But there is one feature that unites them, and that is size. Designers unanimously declare that everyone who follows fashion should buy spectacles in a large frame. This trend was not only fashionable, but also useful, because it is a large frame that will help girls to protect the eyes and the skin around them from harmful UV rays as much as possible.

Among the new models, every woman will be able to find a suitable option for herself, because among the favorites of this year are:

  1. Cat's eye (butterfly). The past few years, this form is experiencing a rebirth. Being popular in the late 50s - early 60s, these glasses returned to the fashion podiums. Rim cat eyes allows you to give your owner a note of sophistication and elegance. Their versatility will help to build them with different images and styles. In addition, this frame even slightly correct the appearance, visually reducing the high forehead and wide cheekbones. Lovers of the classics can choose a one-color version, and brave girls should take a closer look at models decorated with stones and gold trim.
  2. Round glasses (blind, Lennony). This retro accessory will be relevant only if the girls pick up neat, small models perfectly round shape. It is also possible that the upper glass will fold back, giving the image a touch of extravagance. But it is worth remembering that the round shape will suit the fair sex, having a rectangular face type. Chubby women will look ridiculous with her.
  3. Aviators. Having gained popularity in the mid-70s, glasses of this form are still recognized as fashionable. In the spring-summer 2016 season, aviators with frames of saturated bright colors will become hit ones. This is one of the few models that will look advantageous on both women and men, as well as fit into any style.
  4. Futuristic models. Designers' love for something unusual, cosmic and fantasy often results in the creation of rather strange accessories. This year, on the catwalks you can see models made of plastic, having irregular geometric shapes. Connoisseurs of fashion say that such variations can become overwhelmingly popular, but on the condition that the look of their owner is rather modest.
  5. Large frame. These women's glasses can be seen on the shows of many eminent Fashion Houses - Versace, Gucci, Prada. They can have a different shape - square, semicircular or even slightly oval, but they must necessarily fit harmoniously into the overall ensemble in color and decor. Designers offer to diversify large frames with arms of different colors, decorate them with crystals or choose an openwork model.
  6. Transparent and mirror glass. The models with transparent lenses presented in the photo have long ceased to be the prerogative of people with poor eyesight. Such fashion options have already been chosen by fashionists around the world. The form in this case is not as important as the frame, it should attract the attention of passers-by and rivet the views of the opposite sex. The same goes for mirrored sunglasses - the focus is on lenses. Colors can vary in a wide range of shades - from dark blue and black to reddish yellow.
  7. Ombre. This fashion trend successfully migrated from the sphere of hairdressing to designers first, and now it is experiencing the peak of popularity in accessories for sun protection. The direction of the color transition, creating an ombre effect, can be not only from the bottom up, but also from the outer dark side to the inner, lighter one.
  8. Monochrome frames. Such glasses, for all their simplicity, are very beautiful additions to the ensemble. Fashion prefers a certain number of calm colors and a few bright ones. Among them: pink, beige, classic black, red and burgundy.Glasses with red frames and black dark glasses, which give a woman mystery and sexuality, have a special effect. It should be noted that such options will be inexpensive, and therefore any girl can afford to buy this fashion accessory.

After attentively listening to all the advice of fashion experts, women need to carefully consider the creation of future look-ups, carefully consider the image and choose the model on the model of sunglasses that besides their immediate role can also become a highlight of the image.

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