Stars that do not interfere with imperfect figure

The editors of Woman's Day decided to respond to Ksenia Sobchak’s reply and gathered stars that lead healthy lives but don’t strive for the imposed ideal of beauty, because they know that everyone has their own ideal.
Ksenia Sobchak
Photo: @xenia_sobchak

For the second week, the public in social networks are discussing a scandal in the center of which Ksenia Sobchak appears. The star sharply spoke in the direction of magnificent girls. “I do not like fat people. That is, I can still understand those who are fat because of illness, but the rest are not. I have never understood and probably will not understand the phenomenon of “assholes without borders” from Kardashian, but I am glad that in the world of fashion thinness is still an indispensable condition for great success, and you should not be deceived. Victoria Secret’s commercial models and angels are a completely different, massive segment.

That is why I am always perplexed by reading your “valuable” advice about breast augmentation and other nonsense. There is nothing more beautiful than a skinny, athletic body. And women with shapes and rounds ... Leave the truckers.Amen, ”Sobchak explained her point of view in response to criticism of the cover of her magazine with“ too thin ”models.

Such a statement did not go unnoticed, and the public divided into two camps: some supported Sobchak, while others began to unflatteringly respond to Ksyusha’s point of view.

Anfisa Chekhova, too, could not resist and responded to Ksenia Sobchak's remarks about fat people. Journalists call me here, asking me to comment on Sobchak’s statement about her hatred of fat people. I, perhaps, will express my attitude here, so as not to repeat myself many times. It seems to me that Xenia urgently needs to take care of her health. Check the gallbladder, for example, because the outflow of bile she has long been disturbed. And also worms! Worms are a scary thing. Being in our body, they affect not only the digestion, but also thinking, cause negative thoughts, force a person to curse, get angry and hate. And hormones, of course, must be normalized. With a normal hormonal background, a woman thinks about the continuation of the race, and does not suffer from hatred for other women and children. So I wish Xenia good health from all truckers girlfriends in our country ", - wrote Anfisa.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Splash News
Photo: Splash News
Photo: Splash News

The path to glory from the socialite lay through a reality show and friendship with Paris Hilton. Her curvaceous forms absolutely do not interfere with her, moreover, she works as a photomodel, and without the “plus” mark. She exploits her magnificent forms very skillfully, earning millions on them. However, wearing a tight-fitting outfit, the star does not hesitate to use dragging underwear. And Kim is proud of his Rubenzo forms and believes that extra centimeters are not an obstacle to happiness and popularity: “It's amazing what everyone thinks: since you are in the center of attention, it means that you have to be impeccable,” she said. - I sometimes overeat, but at the same time I feel great. See this cellulite? It's all about cookies and ice cream. But if I had been on a diet all my life, I would have been just unhappy. I like to eat. If you can not enjoy life, then what's the point in diets? You can't torture yourself. I confess that I love cookies, ice cream and frozen yogurt. ”


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Photo: Getty Images

The fame to the singer Adele did not come right away: she took lessons at the London School of Performing Arts and Technology, recorded her songs as homework.And take your friends and put your home Exercise online. It was then that the representatives of the recording company found it. At first, Adele took the call from them as a joke, but everything turned out to be true. Her voice conquered the world, but the figure did not fit into the strict framework of show business. But the attacks of critics never really hurt her, and in an interview she repeatedly admitted that she would rather sit with friends in a cafe than go to the gym. But to be honest, in her interview I slipped another phrase that says that the singer doesn’t care what she looks like: "If the husband calls me fat, I will kill him." Karl Lagerfeld, who was never shy in expressions, added fuel to the fire: he called Adele "too fat." Now the singer is struggling with overweight, success is visible, but to the standards offered by model agencies, she is still far away.