Sponge cognac, natural sponges and silk cocoons for skin care

Now in our life there are quite a lot of things for home and personal care based on synthetic materials that have a detrimental effect on the body, cause various irritating reactions not only among adults but their children and parents.

It is pleasant to understand that among the variety of body care products, there are also natural, soft products - these are sprays to a horse, natural sponges and silk cocoons.

Stop your choice on natural sponges and sponges will help several weighty advantages:

• Resistance to bacteria. After each use it is important to wash the sponge, dry it and put it in a warm place. Since natural sponges of marine origin, they can only live in clean water, plus they are specially treated, so they do not have toxic effects.

• The surface of the sponge causes pleasant sensations. Who has the opportunity to use the sea sponges, will compare synthetic sponges, perhaps, with emery board.

• Suitable for problem and dry skin of a person of any age.

• Recommended for children from birth.

Undoubtedly, care products on a natural basis are more expensive than synthetic counterparts, but they will last longer than usual and bring many pleasant sensations to your life.

Along with common advantages, each natural product has its own individual qualities. Sponge konnyaku have special properties: reducing the processes of inflammation; fighting acne; calming skin; thanks to antioxidants, smooth the texture and tone of the skin; remove pigment spots; polish, give hydration and leave the feeling of unsurpassed softness of the skin.

Natural sponges are very soft and smooth caring products for the body. For long-term use (about two years) it is helped by a very deep porous structure and high strength of the fibers. Due to the same pores during bathing, they create a rich and thick foam detergent. An excellent choice for cosmetic use - it removes makeup well.