Should I marry alpha males?

In the grocery store, to insurers to settle problems with OSAGO (at the same time she didn’t have her own car), and a lot more. And after work she did not run, she humbly dragged a huge bag of groceries to the subway.

No, her special brightness was not extinguished in Alka, she looked quite the same as before her marriage, only something in her pose said that she had on her shoulders a heavy bag with pebbles and every day these pebbles become more and more.

Having learned who became the culprit in Alquina marriage, the girls from the department enviously sighed. Of course, how not to envy: a successful lawyer, the son of the local owner of "newspapers and steamers", is young and handsome. In short, all the attributes of the alpha male in stock and on order. Only a wise and experienced Nadezhda Ivanovna began to somehow spare Alka - so usually at work they are spared chronically ill and pregnant: tasks are smaller, smoothening by voice is quieter.

Should I marry alpha males?

So why is an alpha male not always happy? And is it worth linking your fate with an alpha male?

At first.Alpha male - the eternal star; if somewhere he is not a star, then there will definitely be. This is the main quality of all alpha, which is what people like about them. If you think that your alpha will be near you at parties, you are deeply mistaken: you will be near him - as a retinue. And you must fully comply with his star status, you will not comply - you are not in retinue, everything is logical, right? In general, forget about something for yourself, everything will be exclusively for HIM, for alpha.

Secondly. Alpha always has a million friends. The reason for the friendliness of the alpha is not only in the constant desire to prove its superiority over others, but also in the constant desire to get approval. It is with this that they cajole their ego, bragging about their own achievements, money, work, even you in the end.

Should I marry alpha males?

Thirdly. Everyone wants to grab their piece of alpha, especially women. And for alpha, sex is just another way to assert itself. If treason happens and you show him evidence, his only reaction will be sincere amazement. It's just ... no, not sex and certainly not treason. Nothing important was needed.

And finally, fourth.There will always be three in your pair: he, you and his excessive “me.” You will be able to agree with his ego, perhaps you will be happy if you reconcile with the previous three points.

Are you still considering an alpha male for your husbands? Or do consider other options?

And I suggest you look at the omega men. Just for one reason: they never, and do not prove anything to anyone. Such a man is always ready for partnership and equality, and therefore, for a long and stable relationship. It will not be important for him who will take out the garbage or feed the child at night, for him there are no purely female responsibilities in the family that can somehow offend his manhood.

Should I marry alpha males?

And meanwhile, as dry statistics show, our omega is no less successful than alpha. There is one important quality among them: omega do not trumpet about their successes at every corner, they work, live and simply enjoy life. They know perfectly well that they will have everything, it is worthwhile only to work hard for this, preferably with one faithful and loving woman.

I do not speak in this post about the closest friends of alpha - beta-men.When there is no alpha, then beta safely take their places. They are smart, hardworking, successful, wonderful family men, and it is beta that makes up 80% of men. But if you do not get this, then you should still look at omezhk.

Should I marry alpha males?

Try to look differently at those whom you consider invisible or even weak. Perhaps, it is this man who will become your life companion, especially if you are a girl-leader, because the two leaders rarely get along together, and with the alpha males, these girls rarely have relationships. I know a lot of these couples, and with patience strong girls easily help their chosen ones to get rid of the negative traits of character that they made weak omegkami. Are you convinced?

P. S. I know we are not in the zoo, and all this typology is similar to the classification of fur seals and baboons. And of course, all men are different, but you can still try to attribute them to one of these three types, and then draw the appropriate conclusions.