Roles that almost drove the actors crazy

Stanislavsky's famous statement “I do not believe it!” Still makes the actors start and play as if they are living the lives of their heroes. Sometimes this is justified, but sometimes the actors no longer understand where the film is, and where the reality is ... History knows many cases when the leading actors have become so accustomed to the role that they have literally gone crazy. We recall several of the most famous cases.

Joker, "Suicide Squad"

Sociopath and the main enemy of Batman on the status supposed to be a mad genius. His transformation was influenced by a difficult childhood and mockery of his parents. Well, Jared Leto is known for his mastery of reincarnation, so he wanted to become the most memorable Joker. He approached the preparation for the role with full responsibility and almost brought himself to the rehab. Colleagues in the film recall that sometimes Jared scared with his antics. So, he sent them very strange things: Will Smith received a bag with bullets, Margot Robbie - a love letter with a living rat, and in front of one of the scenes Leto laid out a cut pig's head on the table ...

In addition, Summer did not leave the image even after the end of the shooting day: he walked along the street with green hair, tattoos, frightened passers-by with an ominous laugh, recorded video calls for the crew in the style of his hero, and specifically communicated with psychiatrists and dangerous killer maniacs to adopt their behavior. Well, the result has surpassed all expectations! The joker from Jared turned out to be more than sinister, except that he outplayed a little, so the viewers did not always believe in his image.

Boyd "Svyatosha" Swan, "Fury"

Recently, Shia Labaouf does not please fans with her roles and exits on the red carpet. With each passing year, he increasingly turns into a hermit of a vagabond appearance, in which it is almost impossible to recognize Sam Whitwick, who has come to love many of the legendary Transformers. They say that all the blame is prohibited preparations, but fans are sure that the actor has cut the role of Boyd Swan from the military film "Rage". Colleagues Labaaf on the set told terrifying things. To maximize the role of the patient and meek "Svyatoshi," Shaya did not bathe for months, lived in a military base, tore his own tooth, cut his face with a knife and deliberately watched the horses die. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

Why such deprivations and harassment were needed, the actor did not explain, but it was because of them that he almost went crazy (or maybe he did, after all), because his antics after the shootings left much to be desired. Although close friends claim that changes in the behavior of the actor and his crazy half-wits began after the release of the film “Nymphomaniac.” Who knows, maybe the erotic drama was the impetus for madness, and “Rage” completely undermined the emotional stability of Shayi?

Hannah Schmitz, The Reader

In Stephen Daldry's drama, Kate Winslet played the 36-year-old tram conductor Hannah Schmitz, who in the past was a warder at Auschwitz concentration camp. Kate was able to reliably convey an incredibly complex image that can be viewed endlessly on the screen. But at what cost did she make such a believable game? Winslet had to be very hard: for a long time she could not get out of the role of Hannah. She saw the image of the heroine everywhere, she imagined herself imprisoned and that she really did the act for which the heroine of the film was tried. To get rid of obsessive ideas and return to a normal lifestyle, Kate had to work on herself for almost three months.But the result of complete immersion in the image was worth it: the actress received an honored Oscar and became a class A star with impressive fees.

Joker, "The Dark Knight"

Apparently, the role of the Joker is truly damned ... Heath Ledger, for example, she not only drove insane, but also destroyed. The joker in his performance was recognized as the best and awarded the "Oscar" posthumously. How many forces were put on the creation of an ideal image that could beat the game of Jack Nicholson himself. And ... Ledger succeeded at the cost of his own life. To prepare for the role of Hit, he consciously sentenced himself to complete isolation in a hotel room, during which he kept a “observation journal” for his hero. The diary was conducted in the first person, that is, on behalf of the Joker himself.

Psychologists believe that Hit is just confused and his mind shared. The image of the Joker became his second "I", because of which the actor began a bipolar personality disorder that led to the uncontrolled intake of antidepressants. Interestingly, one of the most frightening scenes of the film - Joker applause - it was pure improvisation of Ledger. And he copied mimicry and eyes from one of the most memorable maniacs in the cinema - Alex DeLarge from “A Clockwork Orange”.

Jeanne, "The Last Tango in Paris"

At the time of execution of the notorious role of Maria Schneider was only 19 years old. This film broke the psyche of a young and inexperienced actress, even if Jeanne turned out to be a real, live, disposing viewer to her. The famous scene of rape by Paul (Marlon Brando) using butter instead of lubricant was almost real. The fact is that the girl was not warned about this scene to capture the true reaction of the young actress. Everything turned out to be more plausible: the actress was crying in the frame for real ...

And then she almost completely lost her mind, accusing the director Bernardo Bertolucci and film partner, Marlon Brando, that she - unburdened by moral principles - is no longer taken anywhere else except in erotic films. Maria's acting career did not work out, she starred in just a few films, in which very few people remember her roles.

Nina Sayers, “The Black Swan”

Illusions, duality, paranoia, rivalry - the main character of the psychological thriller, the talented ballerina Nina, which Natalie Portman played amazingly, experienced all this.She even won an Oscar as the best actress, but at what cost ... Natalie herself does not like to remember what she had to endure and experience during the filming and preparation for the role. First, she had to go on a diet in order to lose 15 kg and look like a miniature ballerina. Secondly, Natalie had to act 16 hours a day, which periodically led to nervous breakdowns. Thirdly, the actress, like her character, began to torment hallucinations, because of which she could not sleep properly. Fourthly, Portman completely abandoned her personal life, lived in constant emotional tension for a year and was not engaged in anything other than preparing for the role.

According to Natalie, all she could think about during filming was that this hell would end soon and she could return to a full life. But here I had to work: to get out of the role and learn to rest was not easy. If it were not for the support of relatives and friends, perhaps for Portman this experience would have ended in a psychiatric clinic.

Hunter S. Thompson, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”

The famous American journalist Hunter S. Thompson was lucky enough to play the master of reincarnation Johnny Depp.To organically get used to the role of his character, the actor had to live in the house of a journalist for six months, where he studied diaries about narcotic experiments. It seems everything went according to plan, the life of Hunter Johnny seemed to have lived by himself, adopted his manners, habits, phrases and facial expressions. But ... after the end of filming the actor for a long time could not get rid of the image of a journalist who became for him something of an alter-ego. He literally lost his personality and began to use techniques that he learned from Hunter. Even the manner of speech he took over. It’s good that Depp managed to get out of the image, because the split personality was just not unavoidable, which means that we would hardly have seen the stunning roles of Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka and other film characters in his performance.

Brandon Tina, "Guys Don't Cry"

This role was given to Hilary Swank uneasy, exactly the same as casting. The role of Brandon Tina tried a lot of talented actresses, known and not very good, but the choice of the director fell on Hilary. To prepare for the role of transsexual, Hilary didn’t just have to put a sock in her pants, wear men's clothes, speak in a low voice and bandage her breasts on the set - she had to live like that outside the shooting.

Neighbors were sure that the actress went to rest, and instead of her, there lives her brother named James, who, incidentally, Hilary introduced herself. Even after the release of the film and receiving the coveted "Oscar" Swank for a long time could not get out of the male image, continued to wear masculine clothes, ceased to be painted, cut short hair and pretended to be a guy. It is not known whether the actress turned to psychologists for help in order to get out of the image, but she returned to normal life.