Released a trailer for the movie Queen Elizabeth II

In the trailer, we can see Harry joking about his grandmother, and Megan Markle discusses the details of the wedding dress with the creative director Givenchy. But the Duchess Catherine never appeared in the video, which immediately caused rumors that the queen had found herself a new favorite in the face of Megan. But that's not the point: just during the shooting of the film, the wife of Prince William was preparing for the birth of her third child and could not take part in the project.

Meanwhile, the royal family of Britain can already separately make a film about weddings. Kensington Palace announced that in the spring of next year, the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II - Lady Gabriella Windsor, is getting married. Let her wedding be less luxurious than that of Megan, but surely among the guests will be all members of the royal family.