Publications by Anna Kazakova

Even if you are just starting to learn the basics of drawing, you probably noticed that in the sets with paints, only the primary colors are represented. But what if you need some other shade. For example, how to get pink? We will tell about it in our article.
You do not know how to put the computer on a timer so that it turns off at the right time, even if you fall asleep or leave home? Then our article is just for you. In it, we brought ways to automatically turn off the PC and gave links to useful programs.
Monitor blood pressure should be at any age, as it is an indicator of the state of the whole organism. According to it, it is possible at the early stages to identify the disease and start treatment on time. How to measure your pressure, read the article.
A couple of decades ago, the European Halloween holiday began to be celebrated in Russia. Usually, children like it very much, because on this day you can play pranks, dress up in monsters or ghosts, tell horror stories and get sweets. But what a Halloween without the main attribute - pumpkin lantern.How to cut a pumpkin in the shape of a head - learn from our article.
Many gardeners are very kind to their plants. And even give them names. If you also decided to follow their example, and do not know what to call the flower - read our article, there we collected several tips for you.
To lay down, lie down, play, for most educated people these words scratch their ears. However, there are still many people who do not know exactly how to properly say: lay down or lay down. We will talk about this in the article.
Not many people know that a seemingly simple coin can cost more than a face value. To make money on this, you need to know what coins Sberbank of Russia accepts. Our article is devoted to this.
One of the most awkward moments in life: you want to order a cup of black coffee in a cafe. But the trouble is, do not know how to formulate an order: black coffee or black coffee. For this you need to know what kind of coffee. About this and talk in the article.
Have you decided to feast on your loved ones with tasty and healthy seafood? Then read our recommendations on how to cook tiger prawns.This dish is perfect for a romantic dinner and decorate the festive table.
If you decide to go for a walk with your cat, it is better to use a harness. So the favorite from you just will not run away and will be safe. Here are just rare cats love to dress up like that. How to put a harness on an animal - we will tell in the article.