Protein or Gainer: Which is Better?

Many novice bodybuilders, making a decision about gaining muscle weight, often think about how to include in their diet nutritional supplements. The most popular sports supplements today are gainer and protein. Most athletes are interested in what is better: protein or gainer? Let's figure it out.

What is a gainer?

Gainer is a dietary supplement that consists mainly of simple or complex carbohydrates, as well as protein. It is an essential material for muscle growth. Carbohydrates, in turn, provide the athlete's body with vital forces that are necessary for strength training. Carbohydrates in this mixture - 80%, and proteins - 20%.

The food supplement gainer is necessary, first of all, for people who, while doing strength training, want to get a muscular and toned body or gain weight.

Reception gainer

In bodybuilding (bodybuilding), the most appropriate time for taking a dietary supplement is gainer after training.Thanks to this, an athlete will restore his own strength in the shortest possible time, replenish weak energy reserves, and suppress catabolism processes.

The use of a gainer is also possible before training. The human body will receive the main source of energy - carbohydrates. This will allow the athlete to train more intensively. Due to the high concentration of amino acids, the processes of catabolism will be suppressed immediately after the start of classes. But there is one drawback. During training, the athlete's body will lose little fat mass, and fat gain will only increase.

Dose of gainer

Each serving of a gainer, on average, should contain: proteins (20-40 grams), carbohydrates (50-80 grams), unsaturated fats (a few grams). This dose is not recommended to exceed, because otherwise it will not be well absorbed by the body.

To prepare a gainer, you need to stir a portion of dry powder in milk or water. After that, the cocktail will be ready to eat.

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Food supplement protein

Protein in bodybuilding is a sports supplement that is completely composed of proteins and contains almost no fat and carbohydrates. Muscle growth is possible only with a positive protein balance.

Proteins in bodybuilding are used for various purposes. First of all, in order to reduce fat mass of the body, as well as for intensive muscle growth and to maintain good physical shape.

Taking protein

It is very important to use protein after workouts. During this period, the athlete’s body will absorb nutrients well and recuperate after exercise.

Protein dose

A serving size should be thirty to thirty-five grams. Recommended portions of protein can not be exceeded, otherwise they will be poorly absorbed by the body. Protein can be dissolved in milk, juice or water.

Indications and contraindications to the use of protein

Consider the indications and contraindications to the use of protein and gainer.

Indications for use of protein

  • With increased physical activity. An athlete with strong physical exertion without additional stimulants is sometimes simply impossible to do.And the use of protein shakes will help him cope with heavy physical exertion. But here it is very important to choose an individual dose, which would depend directly on the physical activity of the person.
  • With regular exercise. When the human body can not cope with the additional physical activity, apply protein. It will increase the endurance of the body and enrich it with beneficial proteins. In this regard, it is also necessary to consult a specialist regarding dosage.

Contraindications to the use of protein

  • With a personal intolerance to protein.
  • If you have problems with the kidneys (renal failure).

Indications and contraindications for use of a geyner

Using a gainer is possible if you:

  • Not prone to gaining excess weight and you have a low level of physical strength.
  • Subject to regular physical exertion and need an additional source of energy.

Contraindications to the use of a geyner

Reception of a geyner is contraindicated if a person is prone to gaining extra weight and his plans do not include additional weight gain, but only a desire to retain their current form.

Thus, if we compare the indications for the use of a geyner and a protein, we see that people who are prone to gaining excess weight, it is better to refuse to take a geyner. A protein intake is possible with increased physical activity.

What is the difference between gainer and protein?

Natural and safe food raw materials are the basis for the manufacture of these food additives. Since the protein contains predominantly protein, muscle mass will gradually increase due to this. It must be remembered that the use of proteins is not recommended for people with serious or pathological kidney diseases.

Gainer differs from protein in that it contains mainly carbohydrates, which provide a huge amount of energy. This allows you to increase the duration and intensity of classes.

How to combine protein intake and gainer

What to use: a gainer or a protein, it is necessary for everyone to choose. But it is necessary to take into account the state of your body, the structure of the body and the goals pursued. If a person is thin and wants to gain mass in the shortest possible time, it is best for him to start taking gainers.After the athlete gains the necessary weight, he should switch to protein. In any case, you should consult with a specialist in this area.

What to drink: a gainer or a protein?

The best option would be a combination in the same proportions of a low protein gainer and protein. Due to this, the human body will be enriched with building material (protein) and the necessary energy. The most important thing is the selection of an individual dose. It must be remembered that the gainer and protein is not the main food, but only nutritional supplements. Too much to get involved in them is not worth it, because they can cause disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Now you know what a gainer and protein are.