Pros and cons of inversion table

It is no secret to anyone that an increasing number of people suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Back pain is becoming a constant companion not only of the elderly, but also of the youth. The problem can arise as a result of trauma, the presence of intervertebral hernia, excessive weight with pressure on the spinal discs, muscle tension and other factors. But the main cause of back problems can be considered a sedentary lifestyle and the lack of physical training.

How to help yourself avoid the "disease of the century"? Purchase inversion table. Many people prefer to visit a manual therapist or a massage therapist, but this is a long and costly process, which is easily replaced by occupations at home at any convenient time. At the cost of the simulator is equal to the price of the course of procedures, and the utility greatly exceeds.

It is needed for both prevention and treatment. Agree, not everyone can afford a massage for preventive purposes. And when the simulator is at home,then with his help you can in the evenings to unload the spine and improve blood supply, increase the flexibility of joints and reduce stress, improve mood and prepare the body for a healthy sleep.

About the simulator

What is an inversion table and what is it for? This is a simulator on which you can perform a set of exercises aimed at improving the health of the spine and the body as a whole. Inversion therapy consists in changing the position of the body, which eliminates or reduces pain in the back, improves blood flow to the brain and spine, increases the functionality of the lymphatic system and strengthens the immune system.

Hanging head down reduces spinal compression leading to many problems. Its appearance is a natural process peculiar to the human body as a result of uprightness and physical stress, changing posture and compressing vertebrae.

The use of inversion therapy for therapeutic purposes, changing the direction of the force of attraction, contributes to the natural stretching of the spine with the return of the lowered internals to the site, the renewal of blood circulation with the training of blood vessels.However, the correction of health with the help of inversion should be carried out carefully, taking into account their needs and the capabilities of the organism.

Positive traits

Of course, they do exist, otherwise this device would not have so many supporters claiming the unconditional benefits of training and demonstrating good results. The advantages of the simulator are positive changes, expressed in:

  • significant improvement in posture;
  • relieving muscle tension;
  • reducing the risk of varicose veins;
  • strengthening the ligament apparatus;
  • increased body flexibility with increased range of motion;
  • relaxation of the nervous system;
  • stimulate lymphatic drainage;
  • improving blood circulation.

Compared with other inversion-based devices, the table is more physiological and malleable by adjusting the angle of inclination. The plane can be tilted gradually, which is important for the elderly, people suffering from heart disease and blood vessels, patients with varying degrees of obesity.

Dosed work on the simulator strengthens blood vessels, which is important for all ages.Indeed, over time, without training, they become brittle and can not stand the strain. Owing to their weakness, the viscera descends, the diaphragm sags.

The body ceases to function normally and unpleasant symptoms appear, and exercises on the inversion table are counteracted to this, being an excellent prevention of ischemia, stroke, pre-stroke, heart attack. The simulator allows you to effectively train the cerebellum, which is responsible for a sense of balance and orientation in space.

Negative points

For training on the simulator there are contraindications in a sufficiently large number, which must be considered before making a decision on its purchase. You can not work on the device for individuals with:

  • glaucoma;
  • hypertension of the second stage;
  • arrhythmia;
  • aneurysms of cerebral vessels of the head;
  • cerebrosclerosis;
  • chronic connective tissue diseases;
  • senile dementia;
  • ventral hernias;
  • prosthetic joints;
  • invertophobia;
  • pregnancy.

There are disadvantages in the haste and suddenness of the start of classes, a large load, especially for those who are no longer young. Even with relatively healthy and well-trained vessels, it is not unwise to approach training.The inverted position is an unambiguous stress for the organism, who has lost the habit of spatial changes of this kind.

Adaptation with a gradual increase in the inclination of the plane is the only correct and healthy way of training at the initial stage, which allows to avoid a sharp flow of blood to the head with serious consequences in the form of detachment of the retina at least, and stroke as a maximum. Inverse therapy does not accept any extreme and harmful enthusiasm.

Device Description

This is a countertop with a support, with which you can change the angle of inclination, equipped with foot attachments and handrails for grip. It is necessary to conduct classes on the simulator no more than ten minutes a day, gradually increasing the inclination of the table top to the position upside down.

All models presented on the market, of foreign production, are quite expensive, depending on the price of the presence of additional variations. But for a good device, the following equipment is enough with:

  • comfortable mount for the legs;
  • the possibility of adjusting the length of the countertop according to the height;
  • the presence of arcuate handles, convenient to return to its original position;
  • limiter movement of the tabletop to the level you need in the form of a belt or mechanics;
  • rubber feet to prevent slipping and scratching on the flooring.

For the production of frames, plastic or steel is used. The plastic version is budgetary, and steel is expensive, but reliable and durable. When buying a device with a plastic frame, you need to consider your weight, so as not to break it when you first use it.

The back is usually made of ventilated plastic or metal with upholstery made of soft durable material - eco-leather, PVC and others. The color of the models varies from classic to avant-garde. You can choose a classic black trainer, and a combination of bright colors. The lever for fixing the legs is necessarily soft, but durable.

Efficiency and rules of use

Orthopedists claim that the effectiveness of the inversion table lies in its timely preventive use. And in the presence of diseases, this is not a panacea, but a successful addition to the main therapy, which allows to stop the symptoms.

Opinions about the advantages of the simulator may be different, but self-treatment is not welcome.Only the attending physician can competently advise on this technique, based on the history of the disease. How to conduct classes correctly, without harming health? The following recommendations exist:

  • classes are held twice a day in the mornings and evenings, lasting from a couple of minutes, depending on the body's readiness for the load;
  • you can not get up at the end of classes instantly, staying in a horizontal position for some time;
  • the greatest efficiency is achieved by performing deflections, stretching the spine with the hands, twisting the body alternately in different directions, bending the back in the right and left sides.

Shopping Tips

How to choose inversion table? For home use is a good non-heavy model, weighing up to thirty kilograms, foldable and easy to move. But it should be selected taking into account the weight of persons using it. Stationary options weighing up to sixty kilograms are purchased for medical facilities, beauty salons, massage rooms, gyms. They, as a rule, have a strong steel structure for sustainability, greater functionality and cost,but long service life. When choosing, consider five important points:

  1. The presence of settings for growth with a good range of adjustment. If all family members of different height plan to engage, then be guided by the highest.
  2. Good quality regulatory mechanisms with reliable fixation. The ideal option is a hydraulic mechanism.
  3. Ease of control is achieved using an electric motor. If you have the means, then stop your choice on such a model.
  4. Take the table with a margin of length. For example, with height eighty meters, a margin of ten centimeters is desirable in order to prepare the vessels for the upside-down position.
  5. Choose the products of the famous brand, with good user recommendations. For example, DFC, Optifit, Oxygen, in whose assortments there are both budget options and premium models. They can be of heavy-duty metal, compact addition, electrically controlled, with anti-corrosion coating, with a large number of inversion modes, and so on.

If the table can not be bought, then you can do it yourself! You need very few materials, time and desire. A quick guide to making:

  • need a bar with a wooden door or other plane-type side wall from the old cabinet;
  • screws with screws in the amount of twenty pieces;
  • nylon belt and chair;
  • fasten the bar to the door;
  • make a belt lock for the legs and fasten it on a plane.

A detailed description of the production of inversion table with drawings is on the Internet.

A person always seeks to create devices and conditions to relieve pain symptoms, inventing all new simulators. Inversion table - one of them. If there are no contraindications, then it is worth trying to improve the quality of life by regularly engaging in it for treatment and prevention. Be healthy!

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