Poems on February 23, 2018 boys and men

Beautiful, optimistic and cheerful poems for February 23, 2018 should be devoted not only to people directly related to the army, but also ordinary boys and men - friends in a group in kindergarten, classmates at school, fathers, brothers and work colleagues. They will all be very pleased to receive pleasant, kind congratulations from girls, girls, women, girlfriends, wives and daughters on Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Poems on February 23, 2018 boys and men

Simple rhymed lines glorifying the holiday will be suitable for children, and adults will like funny short lines telling with humor about courageous, brave men who daily protect the peace of the country and the happiness of all its inhabitants.

Rhymed couplets can be memorized by heart, and then at the right time to recite aloud for the heroes of the occasion, or send to your phone in the form of a holiday SMS message. Such an ingenuous greeting will cause in the soul the most good emotions and will be remembered for a long time with its sincerity and cordiality.

Short funny poems with names on February 23 boys from girls

Poems on February 23, 2018 boys and men

The best gift to boys from girls - short funny poems with names on February 23. In such works there is a personal shade that gives the lines a special value. After all, everyone, regardless of age, is pleased to hear how it is distinguished from all of them and they talk about it during the most courageous holiday.

Nominal poems dedicated to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland can be recited aloud during a solemn classroom hour or included in the program of a themed children's matinee. If the performance is planned as a separate poetic number, you need to find at least one rhymed verse with the name of each boy in the classroom. Then, on the eve of the holiday, no one will feel offended or forgotten.

Another successful option is to make a wall newspaper, where personal holiday poems will be written near the photos of the boys from the class. Such an original element of decor will become a center fragment of the festive decoration of the class and create a truly festive atmosphere in the school room.

Funny poems with the names of boys from girls on February 23


Forget Oleg, worries,

We are lucky today

Put off your job

The 23rd has come,

From what I congratulate you!

Fulfillment of dreams!

And I wish you,

What you yourself thought of.


Snow and cold in the yard

Yes frost thirty

And in our calendar -

Time to have fun.


23rd of February

Has come again.

I congratulate you,

My friend Vova.


How to protect Russia,

We know with you,

All you have to do is call -

We will stand the mountain.


Basil - means "royal",

I do not know about the kings

But take the gifts -

My poems rather,

Let me congratulate you

On this feast of February,

And glorify the army,

It is strong for good reason.

I wish you

Live up to a hundred years,

You are a good friend, I know

I wish not to grieve!

Poems for February 23 for children 5-6 years in kindergarten

Poems on February 23, 2018 boys and men

Beautiful, optimistic poems for February 23 for children 5-6 in kindergarten are usually picked up by teachers. They are well aware of the real possibilities of their little wards and understand which of the children will be able to cope with the memorization of a full-fledged work, and who will have to put a lot of effort even to memorize one rhymed verse.

Reading the holiday poems dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day, it is appropriate to include in the program of the solemn matinee, timed to the 23 February.The event will certainly be present to the fathers of the children, and they will undoubtedly take a lot of pleasure in seeing their offspring, reciting joyful, optimistic couplets from the stage, dedicated to the most masculine of all significant dates on the calendar.

To make poetic performances look more vivid and colorful, it is worth adding them with a simple thematic staging or an interesting dance. A room delivered in this way will be very unusual and will be remembered by all participants and guests for its creative originality.

Variants of children's poems in the garden for children 5-6 years old in honor of February 23


I'm still a child,

But soon I will grow big.

Protect your homeland

I will be with all my heart.

I will celebrate and I

February 23!


I congratulate all men,

From February 23

I wish you all good

Do not ever be ill!


Protect us from evil

Do not be afraid of trouble

Happiness to all, even luck,

And of course the mood!


I congratulate everyone loudly

Since February 23!

Those who served and served,

Those who wore boots.

I wish to give

All defenders of the medal!

Good congratulations and poems for February 23 for children of 9-10 years old - short texts for school

Poems on February 23, 2018 boys and men

The most sincere, beautiful and kind congratulations and poems on February 23 for children of 9-10 years old are right here. The selection is made taking into account the age category of children. Rhymed works of a girl can memorize, and then greet with beautiful couplets classmates on Defender of the Fatherland Day.

To make the lyrics sound bright and colorful, they can be supplemented with bravura music, an original pantomime or a costumed mini-production. Such a number will surely attract attention and will not be lost among other speeches dedicated to the festive program of the school matinee.

If there is no time for a large-scale event, you should write congratulations and poems on separate cards, flyers, posters or in the wall newspaper, add attractive images to them, and then decorate the classroom, school corridor or assembly hall with such an unusual kind of decor. Such stylish design will enhance the festive atmosphere and create a joyful, high spirits in everyone.

Congratulatory poems by February 23 at the school for children 9-10 years old


Our boys are young

All defenders dashing!

I want to congratulate them

Happy red calendar day!

Let their dreams come true,

In the country of the bad does not happen

To have peace on earth

We will have a feast!


The boys are our most courageous,

You are almost that already mature, mature!

Soon we will see you off

In our army border guard!

We congratulate you on the Defender of the Day,

May all be fulfilled in it!


Congratulations note loving

You are from the 23rd of February!

Boys, we ask you from the heart,

To grow up you are in no hurry!

Stay longer you are children

May these golden days last!

You all need to get up soon,

To protect their homeland!

Funny, short poems and SMS with humor on February 23, husbands and beloved men

Poems on February 23, 2018 boys and men

For husbands and beloved men, wives and girlfriends can devote funny short poems on February 23 by reciting them aloud or sending them as humorous sms to the phone. Such lovely, kind, joyful and optimistic greetings will certainly raise the mood of the initiators of the celebrations and create a pleasant, festive atmosphere in your soul.

Funny verse lines are appropriate to add a few phrases from himself and good wishes. There is no need to skimp on complements and save feelings.On Defender of the Fatherland Day, men need to show how much their beloved wives and friends value highly, how comfortable and comfortable they feel alongside such responsible and reliable people. At this point, you can say everything that you want and the fact that in ordinary life, perhaps, there was no reason to voice. The main thing is that the words should be sincere and come from the very heart. Then the congratulation will be accepted favorably and will remain for a long time in memory even the most serious, strict and sustained man who is not accustomed to express strong feelings in public.

Examples of funny, humorous greetings from February 23 for a husband and a beloved man


My favorite, the most affectionate,

Congratulations accept.

In the day of men I wish happiness

And I swear to you in love.


I want to be a wall

You are reliable for me

Fought only in the bedroom

We are with you every day.


I congratulate you

From February 23.

My favorite, for you

Gently whisper words:


I always love you,

I adore, the shore,

I sincerely believe, I appreciate,

I always want to be with you.


Since February 23rd,

My good and dear!

You are the protector for me,

My only hero!


For relatives and friends too

You are always indispensable

The best and most reliable.

Happy holiday, my love!

Short, cool poems and congratulations to the February 23 colleagues from women

Poems on February 23, 2018 boys and men

In order for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland at work to be fun, bright and provocative, the female half of the team needs to prepare colleagues in advance short, cool poems by February 23 and on the eve of the holiday in such a way to greet the original male employees.

You can write nice lines on postcards, add them with kind, sincere wishes and hand each man together with small nice presents, for example, with some stationery item (notebook, diary, pen, etc.). This is a classic version that would be appropriate both in a solid organization and in a small company with almost family foundations.

If you want to give congratulations an eccentricity, you should learn the holiday texts by heart and present them in the form of a bright artistic number. Let the ladies in turn recite aloud optimistic and cheerful poems about the defenders of the Fatherland and supplement their words with a thematic mini-staging. Such a performance will make an indelible impression on men and will be remembered for a long time by a creative approach and originality.

Variants of cool greeting texts in verses to colleagues on February 23


Colleagues-men, you - with your holiday!

Today we will certainly respect you

And we will praise and congratulate in verse,

Just wish you good in life!


Let it be in the work everything is smooth and smooth

And at home, too, everything was in order.

Let courage and courage live in your heart.

Health, luck, let them not let you down!


Male colleagues, you are our heroes,

Our defenders, support and rear.

We congratulate you from the heart today,

We wish you courage, zeal, strength.


New projects, working achievements,

Significant, bright, big achievements,

Generous customers, and personal success,

And the fortress, like walnuts!


Our colleagues today are soldiers,

Well, our boss - the general.

Come on, line up in the column, guys!

Warriors We are not afraid to get rid!


Each of you is a precious protector.

Everyone is worthy to wear a medal.

In each there is a granite rod,

Everyone will have time to surprise.


I wish you, male colleagues,

No matter how curled life breaks,

Plant a tree, raise a son

And build a wonderful home!

Funny short poems for February 23, the pope from his daughter 7-12 years old

Poems on February 23, 2018 boys and men

Funny and funny, short poems for February 23, 2018, a dad from a daughter of 7-12 years old is a wonderful, kind, pleasant and touching gift. A girl can pick them up beforehand, learn by heart, and then at the time of the holiday, recite it out loud, thus beautifully congratulating the parent on Defender of the Fatherland Day. Rhyming lines should sound optimistic, cheerful, but at the same time respectful. After all, they are dedicated not just to friends, boys from kindergarten or school, but to the most important and significant man in life - beloved father.

Funny festive quatrain with humor is appropriate to send in the form of sms on the phone. A father who is at work among colleagues or in a friendly company of close friends will be very happy to receive such a sweet, cheerful surprise from his daughter on February 23.

If you want to greet the Pope somehow in a special way, it is worth making an original postcard with your own hands on the eve of the holiday, write a poem of congratulations on it and add the most beautiful, sincere wishes to it. On February 23, when the whole family gathers at the table, a gift should be given to the father, saying how all the relatives are proud of him,firmly love and feel like a “stone wall” next to such a responsible, strong and reliable man.

Short texts of congratulations in verses to February 23, dad from a daughter of 7-12 years


Dad, you are the best in the world!

You will prompt and teach,

You will help, regret

You can make me laugh

From February 23

I congratulate you!

Let all your dreams come true!

So that was healthy!


From February 23

You, papulya, I congratulate.

You are the bravest and strongest

I wish you happiness.


I'm sure you're the best

Among the thousands of men.

Congratulate you today,

There are hundreds of thousands of reasons!


Happy Defender of the Fatherland

You, papulya, congratulations!

I wish you a long-lasting happiness

Fulfill what you dream.


Let joy visit more often,

So that you do not get bored

Good luck does not leave:

Remember, Dad, you're the best!