Pizza selection questions and answers

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
November 1, 2016
Pizza selection questions and answers

For many years, pizza decorates our tables and pleases with rich taste. A native of Italy, she traveled around the world and successfully won it. Therefore, online delivery in Novosibirsk will bring you a perfectly cooked fresh fragrant dish. During the procession of pizza on the planet, many myths have appeared, which should be discussed separately.

About real pizza

  • Can you try real pizza only in Italy?

Indeed, Italy is the custodian of the traditional recipe. But even in Naples itself, in different establishments, every cook finds it necessary to use his signature pizza recipe, reserving the right to make his own brand name. Standards remain valid for pizza sizes, baking times, signs of a well-prepared dish. And all these options come to every new pizzeria, wherever it opens, in Venice or Novosibirsk.

  • At home you can cook the same pizza as in a pizzeria?

Undoubtedly, homemade pizza can also be very tasty. Although the classic recipe provides for an almost perfect combination of ingredients, the balance of nutrients and cooking such a dish at home is difficult if you do not know the technology. But what is really difficult to do at home is to provide appropriate baking conditions. According to the traditional recipe, baking is done in a wood-burning stove. Today, this function is performed by special furnaces in which the temperature reaches 400 ° C. From such a furnace, the cake is both dense and soft, crunchy enough, but not coarse. At home, as a rule, there is no such equipment.

  • Does real pizza always contain tomatoes, greens, cheese?

Modern pizza can be cooked even with pineapples, pears or caviar. Many recipes that were born in other countries as variants of the traditional dish have already become classic and are successfully competing with the Neapolitan product in terms of sales. And, if you order food delivery to the home on the Internet, the experimental taste may well become your favorite.

About the dangers and benefits

  • Pizza is fast food. Is it also unhealthy?

On this issue, doctors have a lot of controversy. But most of the arguments speak in favor of the dish - it contains a huge amount of antioxidants and can be used even for cancer prevention.

  • Pizza loses its utility because of its high fat content?

Indeed, mozzarella is a fat cheese with which many calories come to our body. And high-calorie food is most needed by those who work physically or require recuperation. Others may order pizza with low-calorie cheese or another dietary option.