Picture from plasticine

You won't surprise anyone with the usual picture bought in the store. Then why not make a picture with your own hands from plasticine? If desired, you can even depict in the picture of your pet - a dog or a cat! Let's get started!

It will take

For this we will need:
  • - plasticine;
  • - knife for cutting plasticine;
  • - scissors;
  • - toothpick;
  • - ruler;
  • - glue or hot melt glue;
  • - a small piece of cardboard (this will be the basis for the picture );
  • - small file;
  • - thin rope or cord;
  • - and of course your pet's photo or any other picture, for example, printed from the Internet.
Plasticine painting

Step-by-step master-class for making plasticine paintings

Step 1. Take any photo or picture (it will serve as a model for us) (I used photo of a cat with a width of 9.5 cm and a length of 8.5 cm) and cut out a base of cardboard for it,be wider than the photo on each side by about 1 -1.5 cm, and also cut out 4 strips, this will be a frame 11 cm long and about 2 cm wide. Picture from plasticine
Step 2. Then take the file and cut it to the size of our photo, then put this piece of the file on the picture (for convenience, you can fasten the photo with the file with a pencil glue).
Picture from plasticine
Step 3. Now we need clay, so that our picture looks bright, we will make the background, for this we mix plasticine of yellow and bright green color (but do not mix colors with each other too strongly, it is necessary to get a blurred realistic background of our picture.) Next, tear off the clay and slit it on the picture with your fingers, but make sure that the layer is not too thin.
Picture from plasticine
Step 4. Now prepare clay for fur seal fur. We need a beige color (white clay + brown), brown, dark brown, black, and blue for the eye. We start with the darkest color from the black start filling it with the most central part of the face.
Picture of plasticine
Step 5. Then take the clay of brown color and also fill the face of the cat.
Plasticine Painting
Step 6. Now we take just brown plasticine and do the same, finger it with the fingers between them, mix them a bit to make the transition look smoother. Now we’ll add the lightest color and do as shown in the photo, and don’t forget about the ears - we make the edges black and brown inside.