Appliqués for clothes "owl"

Recently, I decided to make an application on clothes. In fact, painting on fabric is simpler and somehow faster, but if the conceived drawing failed, the thing can be thrown out. So I decided to tell how to make the Owl application. It will be necessary: ​​ and red contour for fabric or cooked with own hands from wax candles (church), white -spirit and gold paint (hardware store). 2. golden thread thin (as for embroidery) or glue for fabric (store goods for creativity) 3. paints on fabric or gouache + acrylic 1: 1. 4. a small piece of artificial satin, white. So, let's take and transfer an owl sketch from a monitor screen to a sheet. It is possible to print, but it is better to redraw the main contours of the bird. drawing
Next, take a bit of satin, put a drawing under it and redraw the main lines with a pencil. Draw the outline for the fabric along the drawn lines. I had a red outline. Then I decided to put the darkest parts of the drawing, although usually, according to the rules of drawing, it is recommended to apply lighter tones first.This is what happened
drawing of an application
 overlay application
Next you need to paint over the bird. That's what happened Now the picture of the Owl needs to be decorated with a gold contour. After that, the bird should be cut out of fabric with allowance for melting and sprinkling around 2-3mm.
 appliqué on clothing
Now the most crucial moment is melting . Just as the petals are made for artificial flowers, we will fuse the edges of the appliqué. Be careful - away from the fire, we need to melt a little fabric so that it does not crumble, and not burn the house!
 ready for clothes
Then The gold thread is in use. We refuel in a sewing machine, set the average zig-zag, fabric density 0, stitch length 0.5 and tune it along the fused contours. It is possible even to pin with pins so that when setting up the application does not “leave” to the side.