Original manicure examples for March 8

Women tend to always look beautiful, regardless of whether there is a reason for this or not. Probably, just like that, in ordinary gray days, bright colors and a good mood appear. But when there is a celebration in front, the fair sex try to think out their image to the smallest detail, bringing it as close as possible to the ideal one. March 8 is exactly the day when it is important for girls to look 100% full, because congratulations and admirations on this day will be sent to them.

Spring update

Stylish outfit and beautiful hair must be complemented by neat nails. They will complete your look and make it memorable. What to choose?

  • Shine Future spring will be marked by a fashion for gold and silver color, because the use of these noticeable shades will become your "chip". You can cover several nails with this varnish or use it for painting on a light or dark basis.In addition to varnishes, you can stick a special foil on your nails, with the help of which you will get the effect of “broken glass”.
  • French classics and naturalness. Business women, whose office dress code and rules do not allow the use of bright colors, will perfectly suit a jacket or nail art in the nude style. A more informal style of service jacket can be varied by various decorative elements - rhinestones, beads and even dried flowers. A nude perfectly emphasizes the ideal shape of the nails and their healthy appearance, but it will look best on a short length.
  • Flower theme. Perhaps the most popular and not losing popularity trend. Your manicure can be decorated with soft pink flowers of sakura, snowdrops and other refined harbingers of spring. It goes well with an elegant dress and helps create a light, romantic look.
  • Another fashion trend - mirror metallic, presented in the photo. But for such nail art nails should be in excellent condition - well-groomed, cleaned and perfect shape.
  • Ombre. The peak of its popularity will be in the spring of 2017. Stylists advise to be bold and choose bright colors - red, blue, green, yellow.How to make an ombre? It’s very easy if you arm yourself with quality materials and remember that in order to achieve maximum brightness, the transitions should be done in two layers, using 2-3 tones of varnish.
  • Matte tone. Another stylish option for a spring holiday, which looks great in combination with a glossy finish. To create such beauty, you need matte varnish or a special topcoat.
  • Dots. Ornaments have always been a topical way to decorate a manicure. And next spring they will not be an exception. Dots come to the rescue - a wand with a ball at the end, with the help of which you can create dots, peas, droplets, small geometric figures, berries or simple flowers. Examples of such works can be seen below, and agree that they look very tender.

Picking up a suitable idea for a manicure, you will get to create an image that will definitely win everyone. And March 8 will be one of the most beautiful spring days when the attention of the opposite sex will be focused on you. Do not be afraid to experiment and be in trend!

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