Openwork hack from an old newspaper that can be easily repeated

An interesting idea is the recycling of newspapers and other unnecessary, used paper - to do some crafts with your own hands. A pretty tree that can literally be weaved out of a newspaper will not take much time. And to make it so exciting and interesting that time flies by!

You will need:

  • newspaper (about 7 sheets);
  • brush;
  • paint;
  • PVA glue;
  • varnish.

Let's get to work:

1. First roll about 30 tubes out of the newspaper.

2. Take half, put together in a bun, wrap a piece of paper.

3. Wrap the top, glue, glue, one tube, forming a barrel.

4. Divide the top bundle in half, wrap each tube with another one, do not forget to glue.

5. Form the curls. If you want, cut some "branches" so that they are of different sizes, like real ones.

6. In the end, it remains only to cover the craft once more with glue, paint and varnish.