Loving man

Loving manPower above all

Machiavelli is a dangerous enemy, because he wants power and nothing but power. Worst of all, such a person is usually smart, calculating and tenacious. He will do everything to get what he wants. Our advice: stay away from him. Such people sooner or later make a fatal mistake and fly out of the company. The most fortunate ones reach only the level at which their thirst for power is not capable of harming the firm. There they remain, turning into dissatisfied. And what about the unhappy, you already know.


It is difficult to stand aside if the boss suffers from lust for power. Power for him is that which can belong only to one, and he does not intend to share it. Working with such a leader is an exhausting confrontation. Naturally, you do not like it, but to win in the fight against it is difficult. No matter how he behaves, do not go beyond the limits of good form. If the situation becomes unbearable, look for another job.


Useful advice for all cases, of course, no one recognizes that he deserved a brute from the boss and was rightly called a loafer or someone else.But this is your boss, and maybe quite a good one. Besides, he may just be in a bad mood in the morning.


Hundreds of little things annoy us during the working day: someone champ at breakfast, someone laughs loudly, when you are talking on the phone, the bosses are constantly displeased, etc., etc.


What to do?


Useful advice for every day. First of all, count to ten and calm down. Surrounding people are not always as we would like - treat this philosophically. In order not to be annoyed in vain, do not demand too much from others. All people are different, and we must learn to get along with everyone.


If someone really brought you, try doing this.


Look away and count to ten. Repeat several times until you calm down.


Drink a glass of water.


Imagine doing something nice in a completely different place.


Remind yourself that you will go home in a few hours.


Go to your office, sit alone for a few minutes and calmly think about what to do.


If you have made an offensive remark, swallow the pill and keep calm. But at the same time continue to defend their interests.


Do no harm!



The first rule of good taste is to respect others and take their needs into account. But sometimes this is not enough. In any case, try not to exacerbate the situation. The conflict will grow into a quarrel, a quarrel in an ugly scandal, and what is the result? You will rather win respect if you quench the quarrels in the bud. The reputation of a peacemaker is always better than the reputation of a brawler.


Some managers choose the method of “shock therapy”: a terrible scream and intimidation from the very beginning — and everyone goes on the chord. However, it is ineffective in the long run. With the constant use of this method, workers become sullen, drawn and do not work well. If you are a manager, do not make such a mistake. Good manners will help again. Teach yourself to always speak in a calm tone and take into account the interests of others, and you will gain unshakable authority from employees.


Remember the following.


When passions run high, look for an opportunity to cool them.


Focus on what is said, not on how.


Never interfere in someone else's quarrel, except with the proposal of a compromise solution.


If conflicting employees turn to you, listen to both.


Highlight the main points of disagreement and look for a mutually beneficial solution.


For some people, there is nothing more pleasant than asking a question that you dislike. Sometimes this is done not from evil, but from an excess of friendliness. Unfortunately, outsiders sometimes do not understand that their excessive curiosity is completely out of place.


Imagine that an employee asks you about your father, who was recently arrested for walking around the garden naked. Naturally, you are embarrassed (by the question, not by the act of the father!). Which answer do you choose?


a) You say that this is a long-standing family tradition, and a wink.


b) incinerate employee.


c) You will say that you will not answer the question.


d) Ask the employee why he asks about it.


Of course, any of the answers are good, but the best answer is the answer d). A counter question, asked with a polite smile, so confuses a person that he forgets what was said.



Useful conflicts



Sometimes a conflict can be helpful in helping you solve pressing issues or generating a great idea. Creative conflict, when a team is looking for an optimal solution to a problem, often gives a brilliant result.


After the decision is made, everyone should work on its implementation. Do not undermine the work of the team with statements: "It was not my idea" or "I just had a new proposal."