List of the best amusement parks in Moscow

It is always nice to rest. And if this holiday is still fun and active, then enjoy it more pleasantly doubled. But where to go to have fun with the whole family? So that you do not spend time searching, we have prepared the top of the best parks in Moscow. Rather, choose the one you like, and go for the adventure.

Rest in pleasure

Almost every adult dreams of returning to childhood again, and once again with a breeze ride on the carousel, eat sweet cotton and try your hand at the dash. So why not let the dream come true? Take the kids and enjoy your time together.

Happylon Pirates Park, Vegas Mall

No bad weather can change your plans, because this indoor park will be able to take you in the rain and in the snow. This is a real oasis of entertainment, occupying an area of ​​5500 sq. M. On two levels there are three zones: child, family and extreme.

For kids, there are educational areas and small carousels; in the family zone, adults and their children can compete in the passage of the maze and dive in a dry pool with balls.And those who need a dose of adrenaline, can test their courage on the attraction with the effect of free fall or roundabout-pendulum.

So parents can safely go shopping, in Happylon Pirates Park there is an opportunity to leave the child in the area with animators.

SKAZKA, Krylatsky Hills

How nice to relax outdoors in the warm season. Fortunately, in Moscow there are enough places for this. For example, the park SKAZKA on the banks of the Moscow River. The picturesque nature and a large number of entertainment for every taste make this place a favorite for thousands of families.

From the Ferris wheel, equipped with glazed cabins, you can admire the beauty of the protected area. For those who like to combine business with pleasure, SKAZKA offers to go for a walk in a dinopark. In the shade of thick trees you can see as many as 20 dinosaur figures.

If the interest in ancient finds cleared in earnest, you should definitely visit the archaeological site.

Sokolniki Park

You can not worry, all 20 rides in this park were made in Italy, and underwent strict quality and safety checks. Slow rest can begin with contemplation of beauty from a height of 30 meters on the Ferris wheel.

But lovers of active entertainment can try slides Air Race, which are analogous to "sister", located in Central Park in New York. Or check the endurance of the vestibular apparatus on the "Kolobka", similar to a cosmonaut simulator.

Visitors also like the rope park, where classes can be found, both for children and for adults.

Carousel, Kolomenskoye

This amusement park is located right on the territory of the famous Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve. Never tried to drive a canoe? Then you have such an opportunity. Do you know what rook is? You can not only see, but also ride on this large structure.

Parents, by the way, will be able to hold a master class in bumper cars at the Karusel for their children.

Friendship Park, River Station

There is always laughter and fun. And the name of the park is fully justified. In the park you can easily find friends and associates for active recreation.

After unhurried walks through the alleys and meetings with ducks, who will happily enjoy the tasty bread brought by the kids, you can also go on the carousel. There will be both for the very small (rocking, mini-trains, inflatable slides), and for adults (autodrome).

Zorbing deserves special attention - skating inside a transparent ball.This is one of the best entertainment for schoolchildren.

Arena Space, VDNH

Parents are sometimes concerned about the choice of a place of entertainment for schoolchildren. After all, the usual roundabout quickly bored. Then you should go to Arena Space - the space of virtual reality.

There you are waiting for virtual travels on parallel galaxies, bordering on reality. You can become a favorite computer hero or navigator of the spacecraft.

In Arena Space there is also an augmented reality attraction that has no analogues in Russia - “SCALA”, with the help of which you can become a brave virtual climber.

Victory Park, Poklonnaya Mountain

This is a prime example of how entertainment can be useful and educational. After all, each of the rides is stylized under the era of the Great Patriotic War and is associated with some of its episodes.

Here you can play Sea Battle, ride a mini-replica of a self-propelled combat vehicle, jump on the Parachutist extreme trampoline, look into the fear room “Faces of War”, and rent rollers or a bicycle.

Gorky Park

Central Park, Moscow. There is always something to do with the child. The park is updated annually, and many new entertainments appear in it.For example, not so long ago, children had the opportunity to attend free ecology lessons with their parents, as well as create in a pottery workshop.

The merry-go-rounds for the youngest will be diversified by walks, and older children and even adults can experience incredible emotions on the Boeing 147 simulator.

Park Fili

The oldest resting place in the capital. There is a large number of children's and sports grounds, a city of attractions, where children of any age will find entertainment for their soul. In the summer, yoga classes are held on the green lawns, and in winter there is a skating rink.

Chaylend, TRC Mari

The doors of the children's play center "Chileland" are always open. The youngest visitors will be able to develop fine motor skills and imagination thanks to gaming areas with a large designer, play with the animator, and spend time in bright mazes.

Those who "hunt" for new emotions in "Chilenda" are offered to hold a family battle on laser tag. A large number of slot machines and simulators will definitely interest teenagers.

As you can see, there is always where to go. Let your weekend be rich and interesting, and the children always happy and joyful. Enjoy your holiday!

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