Lampshade do it yourself. Some creative ideas

A special comfort is always attached to the home accessories and pleasant things, especially if they are made by hand. Cushions, patchwork plaids, candlesticks and lampshades - all this makes the atmosphere truly homely. Of course, you can turn to the masters and make lampshades to order, but if you yourself sometimes like to plunge into creativity, then we offer interesting and unusual ideas for decorating and transforming lamp shades for lamps and lamps.

Simple and beautiful

Decorating lampshades is not only interesting, but also very useful, because thanks to your imagination, you can create a unique piece of furniture in a single copy. What can be made and how to decorate lampshades?

  1. A lampshade with photos. You must admit that photo albums from bins have to be taken out infrequently, but you want to keep pleasant memories so close to your heart. Using the lampshade of an old lamp, or making an ordinary white one, you need to buy several sheets of ordinary tracing paper in a stationery store.Photos are printed on it, which are then glued to the lampshade using ordinary PVA. Now the brightest moments captured in the photo will delight you every day.
  2. The lamp shade. This is one of the most popular options that do not require much effort and materials. Acrylic threads, glue, a balloon and petrolatum will be needed. Before starting work, the inflated ball should be lubricated with petroleum jelly so that the threads do not stick to it, and then evenly wrap it with threads dipped in glue. After drying, the ball must be pierced and taken out.
  3. Perforated lampshade. Lampshades with original drawings are quite expensive, and you can do it for a penny. Prepare a dark material for the future of the lampshade, select a drawing, and with the help of awl draw the outline of the future drawing. When it is ready, fill the inner part of the pattern with perforation. So, in the room can appear and the starry sky, and the night city, and mysterious silhouettes of people.
  4. Lampshade-globe. If you like to travel or just want to add something unusual to the interior design, take an ordinary globe, divide it in half, and attach a light bulb inside.So you get the original chandelier. Or take the frame of the old lamp and attach a half of the globe to it.

The main thing in creativity is inspiration, so let it never leave you. Then in the house there will be a lot of things that are pleasant to the heart.