Konstantin Khabensky meets the evil twin in the trailer "Selfie"

You liked it, so you ... exist? This question is asked the main character of the new film by Nikolai Khomeriki "Selfie", a popular writer and TV presenter Vladimir Bogdanov performed by Konstantin Khabensky. The screen version of the novel by Sergei Minaev "DuhLess of the XXI century. Selfi will tell about how once the life of a darling of fate, spitting on everyone around, has changed: he has a double, who gradually began to deprive him of likes, friends, work, family - mercilessly take everything he achieved. The film was produced by Fyodor Bondarchuk, who can also be seen in one of the main roles in “Selfie”. Anna Mikhalkova and Yulia Khlynina also appeared in the film.

The premiere of the film - February 1, 2018.