Knitting kit - scarf-clip and hat with openwork pattern

Knitted knitting kit - a scarf-collar and a hat with an openwork pattern, such a set consisting of an elegant hat and a scarf-collar, not only looks very nice, but is very practical. Each piece can be worn individually or together.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn of turquoise color (wool 60%, acrylic 40%, 780m / 100gr) 120 g;
  2. needles number 4 and number 3.5.

Pattern Description

We make the product a thread in three additions.

Openwork pattern:execute according to the scheme (only the front rows are indicated on the diagram). In the purse rows, we loosen all the loops and capes. p.

Eraser 1x1:alternate 1 w. n., 1litz. n. In the purl ranks - all loops in the picture.

Knitting density:

18p x 22p = 10x10 cm (openwork pattern, needles number 4)

27p x 28p = 10x10 cm (elastic, needles number 3.5).

Knitting description


We collect on the spokes No. 3.5 80 loops and perform with 1x1 3 cm elastic, while in the last row we add 10 loops evenly, for a total of 90 loops on the spokes.Go to the needles number 4 and up to a height of 15 cm knit according to the scheme openwork pattern. Further we continue the work with an elastic band 1x1, while in each second row we perform the following adjustments: * 1 rel. n., 3 loops together facial *. We repeat * - *. Further, when the last 7 loops remain on the needles, we tighten them with a working thread and perform a seam.


On needles No. 3.5, we thread the thread in three additions with 100 loops and knit it with 1x1 elastic until the product is 25 cm long. Then we close the loops with the scarf-yoke ready.