Justin Bieber went home where the exhibition was held in his honor.

In the Canadian town of Stratford, in the homeland of Justin Bieber, the musician was not expected until this autumn - in November there will open a whole museum named after him. After all, for compatriots Justin is a national treasure, he even has a Medal of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, handed personally by Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper. But Bieber's recent visit was a real surprise for the locals: he came to Stratford's museum with his grandparents as if nothing had happened to take a look at the temporary exhibition dedicated to his work, which consisted of his numerous awards and memorabilia from his childhood , including even the old drum, with which the singer performed on the street at the age of nine.

Apparently, the 24-year-old musician, who for a long time was known primarily for endless riot and rather eccentric behavior,really changed for the better: the museum staff noticed that Justin was very nice with everyone and behaved simply and sincerely. “We didn’t expect him to come! But in the middle of the day, Justin's grandmother Diana Malett wrote to us that they would drop by with Justin. The visit was very emotional, Justin was modest and enjoyed communicating with all the staff and visitors, ”said John Kastner, general manager of the Stratford Museum.